What’s It Like?

Lewis & Clark ACM chapter

Akira Abderrahman

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Overseas Program: East Africa
Extracurriculars: Baseball

Michael Abraham

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Overseas Program: London (spring 2020)
Extracurriculars: Football

Luz Aguirre

Hometown: Guanajuato, Mexico, and French Camp, California
Overseas Program: Valparaiso, Chile
Extracurriculars: Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement Student Life Intern, Student Academic Affairs Board Hispanic Studies Corepresentative, The Polyglot Journal Editor, Gente Latina Unida

Abdo Al-Rayyis

Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq
Overseas Program: South Korea
Extracurriculars: Abdo’s Late Show, Soccer, Student Senate

Zafar Ali

Hometown: Tribal Areas, Pakistan
Extracurriculars: Soccer and Volleyball