Ellen Seljan

Associate Professor of Political Science and Department Chair

Ellen Seljan teaches courses on American politics, Congress, parties and interest groups, public policy, and research methods. Her research examines trends in public finance at the state and local levels of government. Her ongoing work analyzes the effects of fiscal institutions on state and local finances, as well as municipal tax capacity. She has published articles in State Politics and Policy Quarterly and the National Tax Journal. She previously taught at the University of South Carolina. 

Academic Credentials

PhD in Political Science, University of California, San Diego (2010), BA, Drew University (2004)


Spring 2022

POLS 346 : State and Local Politics

TTh 1:50 pm - 3:20 pm

Examination of the operation of state and local governments. Using a comparative methodology, students will gain an understanding of how differences in political institutions among state and local governments substantially affect policy outcomes. The course will also examine how state and local politics and policymaking both complement and interact with the federal layer of government.

Prerequisites: POLS 103 and POLS 201

Restrictions: Sophomore standing required

Location: J.R. Howard Hall