• Jeff Mullins BA ’17 is currently employed as a data scientist at Starkey, a maker of artificially intelligent hearing aids. Jeff was also just accepted into the University of Minnesota Computer Science graduate program, where he’ll be  studying Machine Learning and Data Science while working as a data scientist. 
  • Adriana Rogers BA ’19 was a research fellow at Voting Rights Data Institute and is currently a data analyst at HaystaqDNA.
  • Emma Moorhead BA ’18 is an accounts receivable analyst at NAVEX Global and works on ethics and compliance.
  • Maya Gold BA ’14 is a senior data analyst at Civiqs, an online polling company.

Calling all data science alumni! What have you been up to since graduation? Start an interesting job? Discover a hidden talent? Used your liberal arts experience and degree to better the world? Adopt a cat? We’d love to know!