Degree requirements as listed in the course catalog

For complete information about minoring, see the online catalog.

The minor requires a minimum of 24 credits, distributed as follows:

  • DSCI 140 (Introduction to Data Science)
  • CS 171 (Computer Science I)
  • One introductory statistics course
  • One advanced statistics course
  • One core social impact course (PHIL 241: Data, Privacy, and Ethics or RHMS 241: Data and Democracy)
  • One elective from a variety of courses: a few examples include CS 369 (AI and Machine Learning), ECON 312 (Global Health Economics), POLS 420 (Policy Analysis), PSY 425 (Human-Computer Interaction).
  • At least 12 credits applied to the minor cannot be used for another minor or major program. In addition, at least four of the courses for the minor must be taken at Lewis & Clark College.

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