High Performance Computing

Lewis & Clark is unique among liberal arts colleges in that it has a high performance computing (HPC) cluster available for student use. This is a particular boon for students pursuing a Data Science minor, as they can ask computationally intensive research questions that otherwise would be impractical. Our HPC gives students the opportunity to develop algorithms for machine learning, artificial intelligence, simulations, next generation sequencing, and more.

BLT logo
Our computing cluster, nicknamed BLT, consists of:

  • 1 multi-purpose login node (Mayo), with 140TB disc space
  • Three compute nodes (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) 44 cores, 500Gb RAM each
  • 1 GPU node (Sprouts), 44 cores, 500Gb RAM
  • 1 additional storage node (Bread), 80Tb disc space, 5Tb SSD memory cache, with discipline-specific python instances (BIO, ECON, etc.)