Germany: Munich

Program Snapshot
Semester: Full Year
Offered: Annually
Estimated Dates: Early September to mid-July
Program Focus: Language Intensive
Prerequisites: GERM 202 with a 3.0 GPA or better and 3.0 overall GPA in language. Students must satisfy the Words and Numbers CORE requirement before participating in an overseas program.
Campus Contacts:
Therese Augst
Associate Professor of German Studies, 503-768-7423

Katja Altpeter-Jones
Associate Professor of German Studies, 503-768-7430

Program Design

The Year of Study in Munich is a two-semester study abroad program which was established by Lewis & Clark College at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in 1972. The program was one of the first full-year programs of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, and it is accredited by the University of Munich. Every year 20-30 students from Lewis & Clark College, Northwestern University, Reed College, University of Puget Sound and other U.S. institutions participate in the program. They live together with German and international students in the Studentenstadt.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, which is the southernmost of the German states. Outside Munich there is rich farmland, beautiful lakes and rivers and, of course, the Alps. On a clear day the mountains are visible from Munich, especially during Föhn, the dry warm wind which is similar to the Northwest’s “Chinook”. Like all big cities, Munich has many different parts. The downtown area is made up almost entirely of pedestrian areas from which all traffic is barred. The well-known neo-Gothic Rathaus is located there and many cafes pour out into the wide sidewalks for people to sit during the summer. Around the university and along Ludwigstrasse is the part of town called Schwabing. Here you will find student bars, cafes, art galleries and restaurants. When the weather gets warm, residents walk and sit along the banks of the Isar River, which flows through the center of Munich. All of these areas are connected by streetcar or by Munich’s clean and efficient subway, which was built for the 1972 Olympics. Despite its large size, Munich has an extremely low crime rate and it is safe to walk at night through the streets. You will find that Germans walk much more than Americans and that they also take advantage of the superb public transportation system.

The academic program starts with a five-week “pre-semester,” which allows students to take intensive language courses and improve their German language skills before the official semester begins. During the winter semester (mid-October to mid-February) and the summer semester (mid-April to mid-July), students may enroll in courses offered by the Lewis & Clark Institute (LCI) as well as at the University of Munich, the Technical University, and in special cases, the Conservatory of Music. This program supports a wide range of majors, including, but not limited to, German Studies.

Onsite Staff: The resident director for the Year of Study in Munich program is Ralf Saborrosch. Born in Cologne, Ralf has been living in Munich for more than ten years. He studied at the Universities of Cologne and Siegen, at the University of Houston and at Harvard University. As Resident Director, Ralf oversees the program in Munich as well as students’ academic progress at the University. To him, working for the Year of Study in Munich is a very special challenge: “I know from my own experience how incredibly important and rewarding a year abroad is. Young people start growing abroad. They start Foreign Languages: seeing themselves, their own country, other people and foreign cultures from a completely new perspective. When they go back, they take something with them which lasts a lifetime. It is just great to be part of this unique experience.”


Requirements Fulfilled:

GE prior to Fall 2020 - This program fulfills the 8-credit International Studies general education requirement for students who successfully complete 12 or more semester credits. 

GE Fall 2020 and later - This program fulfills the Global Perspectives general education requirement for students who successfully complete 8 or more semester credits.

This program fulfills the overseas study requirement for the German Studies major and the World Languages overseas study requirement with German as the primary language.

Credits: 16 credits (4 courses)

Curriculum: The Year of Study in Munich offers a wide range of courses through the Lewis & Clark Institute, including German language, literature, theater, contemporary culture and art history, which complement offerings at the University of Munich. A complete list of LCI courses can be found here. Students may also choose from curriculum offerings at the University of Munich. All students must arrange with major departments and the Registrar’s Office for possible credit prior to departure.

Excursions: During the orientation period, students will go on excursions to Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Augsburg, in order to become more familiar with the history and culture of the state of Bavaria. A one-week trip will take students to Berlin, Germany’s capital and a vibrant metropolis. In the spring semester, excursions may include Weimar, Dresden, Prague and/or Vienna.

Student Life

Housing: The Studentenstadt, or “student city,” consists of dorms of various sizes, from “bungalows” (2-story buildings), to Hochhäuser (8-story buildings). Within the Studentenstadt there are music practice rooms, a bakery, a gym, tennis courts, a library, and several bars where students can get something to eat or drink. There are two discos, “Mad Max” and “Underground.” Intramural sports are also offered. Washing machines are located in each dorm and Internet access is available in every room.

Each student has his or her own spacious room complete with a bed and bedding, a sink, a closet, bookshelves, a desk, and a chair. Students share a bathroom with other students on the floor. Each floor has a kitchen and a lounge with a TV and a space to eat. One of the best ways to get to know floormates is to cook and eat with them. Not only do students make new acquaintances, but they also improve their German!

Cultural Activities: The Mentoring Program offers a variety of exciting events and fun activities throughout the year: carnival celebrations, hikes through the beautiful Bavarian landscape, or a visit to a Bavarian farm. Smaller get-togethers include going for lunch or cooking dinner together, exploring the various coffee houses, and having picnics in the English Garden.

Winter Break: Students have a variety of options for the two-month break between the winter and summer semesters. Each year, students have the opportunity to apply for travel grants in order to research a topic related to German culture, economy or politics. During the semester break, they travel through Germany, meet with representatives from German institutions, and write a report on what they have learned. Learn more about the travel grant here.

Another option for students during the break is to complete an internship. LCI staff help students find internships in relevant fields, giving them the opportunity to gain practical international work experience. Read what past students have said about their internship experiences here.


2021-2022 Fee Breakdown* - Charges per semester

Total Fee (includes Tuition, Program Fee, and Health & Wellness Fee): $36,259

Tuition: $28,485

Program Fee: $7,737

Health & Wellness Fee: $37**

Included in the program fee are room/housing, board/meals, and administrative fees. Not included are airfare, passport and visa expenses, primary insurance coverage, photographs, books, immunizations, and incidentals.

*Fees are updated every February for the following academic year.

**The Health & Wellness Fee supports the operations of Wellness Services staff in delivering pre-program orientation services, as well as in providing health-related consultation regarding participant health needs. All students in the College of Arts and Sciences pay a mandatory fee of $37 per semester. The fee will be waived for non-Lewis & Clark participants.

Stipend: Students will receive a stipend to cover the cost of meals and transportation costs not covered by the program fee.

Estimated Airfare (Round Trip PDX to MUC): $800 - $1,500

Estimated Health Insurance Fee: $1,350.50

All students participating in overseas programs are automatically enrolled in iNext, a supplemental travel insurance program. The fee for iNext is covered in the program cost. However, students are also required to have comprehensive health insurance during their time abroad. All students participating in overseas programs, both abroad and domestic, are automatically enrolled in the College’s student health insurance program. Similar to a regular semester on-campus, students participating in overseas programs may waive enrollment in the student health insurance program if they have other comprehensive health insurance (e.g., through a parent, guardian or employer) that 1) provides coverage for them in the geographic region in which they will be studying and 2) includes mental health benefits. Click here for more information regarding health insurance & overseas programs.

Change to Munich Cost Structure:
A change in the pricing for the Year in Munich program, which will take effect for the 2021-2022 academic year, was approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2020.

The pricing for the Munich program has been altered to be the same as the pricing for all of our other programs. As with any of our other programs, students on the Year in Munich program are able to apply their financial aid package toward the cost of the program (with the exception of federal or institutional work study). Under the new cost structure, there are no additional fees exclusively for the Munich program. The Year in Munich program has been added to the payment schedule for the 2021-2022 academic year, which can be found on our Cost page.

Program Preparation

Application Process:

**Printable Munich Checklist Here!**

Students applying to the Year in Munich program have a different application and admissions process than the students applying to other Lewis & Clark overseas programs. Your application will be comprised of some items for the Lewis & Clark Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office, and some items which will be sent to the host university (LMU) in Germany for review. It’s important to understand that your ability to participate in the program is based on the admissions decision of the LMU. If you do not submit all of your application materials by the deadline, or if the LMU decides not to offer you admission to the program, you will be ineligible to participate. Please contact us in advance of the deadline if you have any questions about the application process or required materials.

Part A: Online

Overseas Application Form

Information Needed to Complete Application

  • Passport Information
  • Parent/Guardian Information
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Academic Information (student ID, GPA, major, language(s) studied)
  • Digital passport Photo - These photos are used as identification photos in our database, and should follow the same standards as a 2x2 passport style photo. Please read through this article for guidance on taking a passport photo, and make sure that your photo meets these State Department requirements. You can download an app, such as Passport Photo Booth (iOs and Android), or you can use the ‘Square’ mode on your phone. The US Department of State also has a photo cropping tool to resize your photo to the correct dimensions. You will submit the passport photo by uploading it to the last page of your application.

Two Academic References (only required for non-LC students)

Part B: Materials

After submitting your online application, please gather/complete the following materials and submit them to the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office via email (

Official E-Transcript with Fall 2020 Grades (Digital Copy)

  • LC students can request their official transcript from the Registrar’s office by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking the ‘Order Official Transcripts’ link under the Academic Profile menu. Indicate on the form that the transcript should be sent to the Overseas email address. There is a $5 fee for requesting your official transcript.
  • Please note that this can take up to two weeks to receive once it has been ordered. Plan accordingly!
  • Non-LC students should follow the standard procedures for ordering Official Transcripts on their campuses, and then email them to the Overseas office. If your school does not have an E-Transcript option, please contact our office.

Contract Form - Found in the Materials folder. Download and complete the form digitally and sign electronically.

Munich Information Packet - Found in the Materials folder. Download and complete the form digitally.

Physician’s Form - Found in the Materials folder. Print the form and have a physician fill it out during a doctor’s appointment. Take a scan or a photo fo the completed and signed document, and submit via email.

Passport Scan - Make sure that your passport is valid through six months after your program end date, and that you have signed the “Signature of Bearer” line in pen. Then, scan it in color, and submit via email.

CV - Submit a PDF of your CV. Please use the template provided in the materials folder.

High School Transcript - The university in Munich requires a digital copy of your official high school transcript.

High School Diploma - The university in Munich requires a digital copy of your high school diploma.

Sophomore Waiver (Rising sophomores only) - If you will be a sophomore during the program, the university in Munich requires a signed copy of the Sophomore Waiver. If you are going to be a sophomore during the program, please email the Overseas Office at and we will send the waiver to you.

Spring 2021 Official E-Transcript (Digital Copy) - After the Spring semester has ended and Spring grades have been released, you will need to request another digital Official Transcript.

All documents submitted electronically can be emailed to

Please note: Munich applicants will be required to submit a few additional materials during the Spring 2021 semester, including an online confirmation form, a $300 program deposit, and (non-LC students only) your social security number. More information will be provided to applicants in the Spring.

Please be sure to reach out via email ( or phone (503-768-7295) if you have any questions about the Munich application process. We are always happy to help with the application/admissions process in any way we can!

The semester before the program, students who have been accepted into the program will participate in an orientation with the German Studies Department on campus. This orientation is meant to prepare the students for life in Munich by exploring literature and culture, and provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the logistical details of the program.

Travel: Students usually fly into the Munich airport (MUC), where they are picked up by a program assistant if they arrive within several pre-arranged dates.

Visa: U.S. students do not need to apply for a visa in advance since they will be allowed to enter Germany with just the U.S. passport. Upon arrival, the program staff in Munich will process the visa applications for all U.S. program participants. If you are not a U.S. citizen and do not belong to a Schengen Country (European Union), you will need to apply for your visa ahead of time.

Country-Specific Health Information: Click here to view specific health information for people traveling to Germany.

State Department Country Information: Click here to visit the State Department’s Germany page.

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