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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Germany Munich

Semester: Full Year
Date: Early September to mid-July
Offered: Annually
Program Focus: Language Intensive


GERM 202 with a 3.0 GPA or better and 3.0 overall GPA in language                                               
Campus Contacts:

Therese Augst
Associate Professor of German Studies
ext. 7423

Katja Altpeter-Jones
Associate Professor of German Studies
ext. 7430

Program Design:
The Year of Study in Munich program is administered by Lewis & Clark College in cooperation with Reed College and the University of Puget Sound.  The program is affiliated with the University of Munich.  This is a full-year program with a full-time director and a staff of Lewis & Clark faculty.

The program begins with a five-week “pre-semester,” where students take intensive language courses. This is followed by the “winter semester,” which runs mid-October to mid-February, and the “summer semester,” which runs from mid-April to mid-July. During the semester students may enroll in courses offered by the Lewis & Clark Institute as well as at the University of Munich, the Technical University, and (in special cases) the Conservatory of Music. The program supports a wide range of majors, including but not limited to German Studies. Students also have a variety of options for the two-month break between winter and summer semesters, including internships and travel grants. Excursions throughout the year include trips to Berlin, Vienna, and many local and regional sites of interest.

Requirements Fulfilled (LC students only):
Fulfills the overseas study requirement for the German Studies major and the overseas study requirement for the World Languages major with German as the first language. Fulfills the 2-course International Studies requirement.

16 credits per semester

The Year of Study in Munich offers a wide range of courses through the Lewis & Clark Institute, including German language, literature, theater, contemporary culture and art history, which complement offerings at the University of Munich. A complete list can be found here. Students may also choose from curriculum offerings at the University of Munich. All students must arrange with major departments for possible credit prior to departure.

Relationship to LC On-Campus Curriculum:
Because the Munich program is required for students majoring in German Studies, the level of coordination with the on-campus German offerings is high.  Courses that benefit from the on-site location, such as Culture and Civilization, Theater, and Art History, are offered in Munich only.  Much care is taken that courses in Munich do not duplicate material covered in courses on the LC campus.  Two capstone courses are required to be taken on the LC campus during senior year in order to ensure that faculty have a chance to evaluate and monitor what students have learned overseas and to ensure that they graduate with no significant weaknesses- linguistic or cultural.  The program director visits Portland regularly, and LC faculty also travel to Munich.  These visits ensure clear communication and program coordination.

Resident Director:
Born in Cologne, Ralf Saborrosch has been living in Munich for more than ten years. He studied at the Universities of Cologne and Siegen, at the University of Houston and at Harvard University. As Resident Director, Ralf oversees the program in Munich as well as students’ academic progress at the University. To him, working for the Year of Study in Munich is a very special challenge: “I know from my own experience how incredibly important and rewarding a year abroad is. Young people start growing abroad. They start Foreign Languages: seeing themselves, their own country, other people and foreign cultures from a completely new perspective. When they go back, they take something with them which lasts a lifetime. It is  just great to be part of this unique experience.”

Program Design


Germany, Munich


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