Student resources

Tutoring Fall 2020

Tutoring is now handled by the Advising office.  To request a tutor and/or view the list of available SAAB tutors, please visit:

Tutoring hour offered by our German Language Assistant in ILC on TBA.

German Walk-In Tutor for Fall 2021:

The Keck Interactive Language Center offers walk-in tutors in all languages.  Please consult the ILC calendar to see availability.  Tutors are available first-come, first-serve, no appointment necessary.


German Table

All students of German are encouraged to join the German Conversation Table on Mondays TBA in Trailroom and on Wednesdays TBA in Field’s Dining Room.  Come talk with our German Language Assistant and other students - - very informal, no set topics, and NO preparation required.

Mondays @Trailroom
Wednesdays @ Fields Dining Room


Films in German

Everyone is invited to come see current and classic German language films from German speaking countries.  They are shown every other week, time TBA.  Shown with subtitles — bring your friends!


German Club

German Club is a great place to use your German and have fun!  Contact German Language Assistant to get on the list for activities throughout the year; the annual Oktoberfest, lantern crafting, advent calendar crafting, outings to restaurants and concerts, International Fair, cooking in Platt East and more.