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German Studies

Majoring & Minoring

Major Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 36 semester credits (nine courses) beyond German Studies 202, distributed as follows: a) 301, 321, 410, and 411 (available in Munich only), 422 (available in Munich only), 450 (may be repeated for credit). b) History 120, 121, 225, 226, 227, or 323 or equivalent on campus or overseas. c) Two elective courses to be selected from offerings on-campus or overseas. Four credits from 251/252 may be used as one elective.
  2. Overseas study: Full-year Munich program. Exemption only with departmental approval.
  3. Majors are required to pass a senior oral proficiency evaluation.

Note: Courses taken on campus on a credit-no credit basis cannot normally be counted toward the major, except conversation courses 251 and 252.

Study Abroad:

In German, the annual full-year academic program in Munich is open to German majors and nonmajors. It is affiliated with the University of Munich, where students may take courses in many fields. German 202 and a GPA of 3.000 in German courses are prerequisites.

German Studies

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