German Placement Exam


The online German proficiency test for incoming students (first year and transfer) will be open from June 10th until August 25th, 2024.
You are encouraged to take the exam by July 15, which will help you and your advisor plan your fall semester courses prior to registration.

The test takes up to 100 minutes, so please plan accordingly.

 Accessing the Exam

  • You will need to access the exam using your email account. Your username is the first part of your LC email address up to the @.  If you do not have an LC email yet, create it by going to Account Management and selecting Create LC Account.
  • If you don’t know your password, you can reset it by going to Account Management and selecting Reset Password.
  • Questions about your LC account? Call the IT Service Desk at 503-768-7225 or e-mail
  • Chrome is the preferred Internet Browser to access the exam, but any browser should work.
  • The test is in our course management system, Moodle. You will log in to Moodle using your Lewis & Clark username and password.                         
  • After you log in to Moodle, you will be asked if you wish to enroll in this course. Click “Yes.”
  • Read the additional information and click on the Attempt Quiz Now button at the bottom. The same page of instructions will show up again because it is important that you read all the instructions before taking the test!   

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the exam that are not addressed in the FAQ above, please contact the World Languages and Literatures Program Coordinator, Blair Orfall, at or Prof. Katja Altpeter at: