Resources for Survivors of Sexual Violence

On-Campus Confidential Resources

Melissa Osmond, Associate Director for Health Promotion, Sexual Assault Response Advocate Coodinator Health Promotion and Wellness

Confidential Advocates (formerly SARAs) are trained to respond to and support survivors of sexual violence. These advocates are confidential and can consult with friends and employees as well. To get in touch with an advocate, here is a page with detailed information. 

These resources are NOT required to report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator.  

On-Campus Reporting Resources

  • Title IX Coordinator
    Lori Makin-Byrd,
    The Title IX Coordinator has responsibility for overseeing all Title IX compliance, including complaints of sexual misconduct. All instances of Sexual Misconduct should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Jessica Caron, Interim Director, Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Templeton Student Center 321
    Student Rights and Responsibilities oversees the formal complaint process on campus. Here is more information on how a campus complain of sexual misconduct is processed. 
  • Campus Safety
    503-768-7777 (emergency)
    503-768-7885 (non-emergency)
    Campus Safety is available as a first option to report any incident of sexual violence or intimate partner violence. Also provides an escort service on campus to any student. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Campus Safety can also assist in contacting Portland Police Bureau should someone wish to file a criminal complaint.  

Off-Campus Confidential Resources