Annabelle Samson

Besides having a beautiful campus, Lewis & Clark is a wonderful place to get to learn.

Annabelle Samson BA '27



Degree and Class Year

BA ’27


Olympia, Washington


Environmental Studies


French Studies


Students Engaged in Eco Defense (SEED), Tea Club, French Club, ROSES (my residence hall’s student committee), Visual and Performing Arts Living-Learning Community resident, out-of-house member of the Environmental Action Living-Learning Community, member of Voches (Lewis & Clark’s treble choir), and office assistant for the director of art and Asian studies

What’s your favorite class? How has it expanded your knowledge?

All of the French classes I have taken at Lewis & Clark have been so much fun! The professors are so kind and excited about what they are teaching. They prepare a variety of activities that are very engaging and make the material more approachable. Besides learning the language, your knowledge of various Francophone cultures is also expanded. 

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

Besides having a beautiful campus, Lewis & Clark is a wonderful place to get to learn. Because it is a small college, the sense of community here is strong. It is easy to make close relationships with your professors, find other students with similar interests through various clubs and opportunities, and feel supported on your college journey. The study abroad programs here make me excited to see where my education will take me. I also love how the liberal arts experience allows you to pursue your major while still having lots of room to explore other interests. 

How did your financial aid package influence your decision to attend Lewis & Clark?

I always hoped I would get to attend a small liberal arts college, but I never thought it would be a real possibility until I saw the financial aid package Lewis & Clark offered me. My parents are both public school teachers and I am so lucky that they saved all that they could, but I had accepted the fact that I would only ever be able to pay for an education at a state school. The scholarships I was offered closed the gap between private and public education, allowing me to pursue my dreams the way I imagined.

Environmental Studies French Studies