Learning Outcomes

Our goal is to nurture artist-scholars who are well read in dramatic literature, understand the social and historical contexts of that literature, appreciate contemporary performance and dance, think critically, master discipline-specific skills, and make compelling artistic choices on stage. 

Upon graduation, all students who have majored or minored in Theatre will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the social and artistic movements that have shaped theatre and dance as we know it today.
  • Apply discipline-specific skills to the creation of performance.
  • Analyze, and interpret texts and performances both in writing and orally.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of theatre and dance history and literature and draw connections between theatrical practices and social contexts in both modern and pre modern periods.
  • Practice collaborative skills in various theatrical contexts.
  • Develop and apply process skills in rehearsal, production and classroom settings.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills in the creation of artistic work.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in one or more area-specific skills: acting, directing, choreography, design, technical theatre, management, playwriting, or dramaturgy.