Concentration in Performance

A minimum of 46 semester credits—including 16 in performance, 8 in dramatic literature and theatre history, 4 in design, 4 in dance, 4 in departmental electives, 4 in Devised Performance, 2 in theatre laboratory, and 4 in the capstone—distributed as follows:

  • TH 110A Theatre Laboratory
  • TH 280 Theatre and Society: Global Foundations
  • TH 356 Devised Performance
  • TH 450 Senior Seminar
  • 16 semester credits in performance chosen from the following:

TH 113 Acting I, Fundamentals

TH 213 Acting II, Realism

TH 217 Voice and Movement

TH 275 Introduction to Playwriting

TH 301 Directing

TH 313 Acting III, Style

TH 351 Rehearsal and Performance: Main Stage Production

  • 4 semester credits in modern drama, chosen from the following:

TH 283 Theatre and Society III: Modern Continental Drama

TH 382 American Theatre and Drama: 19th Century to Present

TH 383 Topics in Global Theatre and Performance

TH 385 Special Topics Seminar, Plays and Playwrights

  • 4 semester credits in design, chosen from the following:

TH 218 Fundamentals of Design

TH 220 Theatre Graphics

TH 234 Stage Lighting

  • 4 semester credits in dance chosen from the following:

TH 106 Fundamentals of Movement

TH 107 Ballet I

TH 108 Contemporary Dance Forms

TH 201 Contact Improvisation

TH 209 Social Dance Forms

TH 214 Dance in Context: History and Criticism

TH 219 Dance Technique

TH 308 Dance Composition and Improvisation

  • 4 additional semester credits in Departmental electives