Concentration in Dance

Dance is an integral part of any performing arts program, which is why the Department of Theatre Arts at Lewis & Clark offers a Minor in Theatre with a Concentration in Dance.

Dance students develop technical and performance skills and study the aesthetics, history, and criticism of dance. From improvisational techniques to classical ballet, from modern and postmodern dance forms to sound body mechanics, strength, and flexibility, our students receive a thorough education in the physical arts.

Students in the Dance program have many opportunities to perform in faculty- and student-choreographed work, including the annual Dance Extravaganza. In addition, they often participate in the annual Northwest Regional American College Dance Festival during spring semester. Student choreography can be presented for review at the festival, which offers classes, workshops, and performances over four days. Portland has a vibrant dance scene, and students are encouraged to see as many of the diverse professional performances as possible.

Students who choose a Theatre minor with a concentration in Dance collaborate with talented faculty and peers, who work together to aid in the growth and development of each dancer’s understanding of this beautiful art.

Minor Requirements: Concentration In Dance

A minimum of 26 semester credits, distributed as follows:

  • TH 106 Fundamentals of Movement
  • TH 308 Dance Composition and Improvisation

  • Four semester credits chosen from the following:

    TH 209 Social Dance Forms: History, Practice, and Social Significance  
    TH 214 Dance in Context: History and Criticism  
  • Eight semester credits in dance technique, chosen from the following:

  • TH 107 Ballet I  
    TH 108 Contemporary Dance Forms I  
    TH 201 Contact Improvisation  
    TH 208 Contemporary Dance Forms II  
  • TH 110A Theatre Laboratory

  • Four semester credits chosen from the following:

    TH 113 Acting I: Fundamentals  
    TH 234 Stage Lighting  
    TH 356 Devised Performance