Concentration in Design/Technical Theatre

A minimum of 46 credits—including 16 in design and technical theatre, 8 in dramatic literature and theatre history, 4 in performance, 4 in dance, 4 in departmental electives, 4 in Devised Performance, 2 in theatre laboratory, and 4 in the capstone course—distributed as follows:

  • TH 110A Theatre Laboratory
  • TH 220 Theatre Graphics
  • TH 280 Theatre and Society: Global Foundations
  • TH 356 Devised Performance
  • TH 450 Senior Seminar
  • 12 semester credits chosen from the following:

TH 104 Stage Makeup

TH 110B Theatre Laboratory (for repeat credit)

TH 212 Stagecraft

TH 218 Fundamentals of Design

TH 234 Stage Lighting

TH 246 Special Topics: Design/Technical Theatre

TH 335 Scenography: Design for Performance

TH 357 Theatre Design/Production Laboratory

  • 4 semester credits chosen from the following:

TH 283 Theatre and Society III: Modern Continental Drama

TH 382 American Theatre and Drama: 19th Century to Present

TH 383 Topics in Global Theatre and Performance

TH 385 Special Topics Seminar: Plays and Playwrights

  • 4 semester credits in performance, chosen from the following:

TH 113 Acting I, Fundamentals

TH 213 Acting II, Realism

TH 217 Voice and Movement

TH 275 Introduction to Playwriting

  • 4 semester credits in dance, chosen from the following:

TH 106 Fundamentals of Movement

TH 107 Ballet I

TH 108 Contemporary Dance Forms

TH 201 Contact Improvisation

TH 209 Social Dance Forms

TH 214 Dance in Context: History and Criticism

TH 219 Dance Technique

TH 308 Dance Composition and Improvisation

  • 4 additional semester credits of Departmental electives