What Can I Do with My Degree?

After graduation, SOAN majors have the opportunity to enter into an extensive and diverse range of careers. Many students pursue master’s and doctoral programs in sociology and anthropology, as well as in fields like medicine, urban planning, law, secondary education, public policy, and cultural studies. And those that choose to enter directly into the workforce pursue professional paths that are just as varied!

Here are a few examples of the different paths that SOAN graduates have taken:

  • Master’s/PhD programs in anthropology or sociology at Stanford University, Harvard University, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Washington, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, Indiana University, Northwestern, Portland State
  • Masters programs in human rights at Columbia, and international affairs at Tufts
  • Manager/owner of Hallowed Halls recording studio
  • Executive director, Larkin Street Youth Center, a social service agency in San Francisco. Featured on “NBC Whitepaper.”

  • Director of VISTA Adult Literacy Program, Portland


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