Sarah Warren

Associate Professor of Sociology and Latin American Studies, SOAN Department Chair

JR Howard 372, MSC: 60
Office Hours:

Monday 1:50-2:50 in person, Tuesday 2-3 pm on zoom, and by appointment. Students can email me for a link to my calendar for the zoom office hours.


Academic Credentials

PhD University of Wisconsin 2010; MA University of Texas - Austin;
BA University of Arizona 


Latin America
Race & Ethnicity Globally
Indigenous Peoples and Politics
Urban Issues 


Sarah’s previous research focused on questions of urban indigenous identity in Chile and Argentina.  She is currently working on a project of short-term rentals and how cities are attempting to regulate them.  


2019. “Territorial Dreaming: Youth Mapping the Mapuche Cross-Border Nation.” Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies. DOI: 10.1080/17442222.2019.1611214

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2009. “How Will We Recognize Each Other as Mapuche? Gender and Ethnic Identity Performances in Argentina.” Gender & Society 23(6): 768-789.

Location: J.R. Howard Hall