A display of the 5 core classes and 5 elective classes required to be a SOAN major.

For complete information about majoring, see the online catalog.

The SOAN major requires a total of ten courses that provide a common foundation and allow for exploration of individual interests, culminating with the completion of a student-designed senior thesis project under faculty guidance.

  • Five core courses are required:
    • One introductory course: SOAN 100 (Introduction to Sociology) or SOAN 110 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)
    • Two courses in sociological and anthropological research methods
      • One methods course chosen from the following:
        • SOAN 200 Ethnographic Research Methods
        • SOAN 201 Quantitative Research Methods
        • SOAN 204 Reading “Texts”: Discourse, Visual, and Material Analysis
      • And SOAN 205 Research Theory and Design
    • One course on the development of social theory: SOAN 300 (Social Theory)
    • One course devoted to the completion of the senior thesis project: SOAN 400 (Senior Seminar and Thesis)
  • Five elective courses complete the major:

    • Elective courses can be chosen from SOAN courses numbered 202 through 499; GEND 231 or GEND 440.

    • At least two of the courses must be from advanced SOAN courses numbered 301 through 498 (excluding SOAN 444), ETHS 400, or GEND 440.

    • Students may apply a maximum of 4 semester credit hours toward the elective requirement from the following list:

      • SOAN 244 Internship/Practicum

      • SOAN 299 Independent Study

      • SOAN 444 Internship/Practicum

      • SOAN 499 Independent Study

The department does not offer a minor.