Festival of Scholars and Artists

The Festival of Scholars and Artists is a beloved annual Lewis & Clark tradition, where our community dedicates a full day to celebrating our students and their exceptional work: their research, their creative accomplishments, and their achievements both on and off campus. Normally the campus buzzes with activity as the entire community gathers to listen to students present their research projects on panels, attend poster sessions, view live music and theater performances, and much more.

This year will be different, but no less celebratory: the Festival will take place virtually on Friday, April 17. As always, the event will highlight student research in discussion panels, posters, and performances. Please join us to celebrate the excellence of our students and learn something new!

View the schedule and access the live panels and poster sessions, as well as performance videos and uploaded research online.

FOSA online link


The Festival of Scholars and Artists was created through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Classes will be canceled on that day, so that the entire community can participate. Activities include performances of original compositions, exhibition of original art, plays, and research presentations in a variety of fields.

The Festival of Scholars Coordinating Committee:

Therese Augst, chair  |  Greta Binford

Bryan Sebok   |    Nicholas Smith