Learning Outcomes

RHMS courses and requirements are designed to provide students with opportunities to achieve the following learning outcomes:

1. Master key theories of rhetoric and media studies and their applications in specific areas of the field, such as popular culture, race, gender, film, health, and new media.

2. Develop literacy in the central methodologies—critical, rhetorical, empirical—employed by scholars in the field.

3. Apply knowledge to ethical and practical problems through coursework, internships, practica, and/or civic engagement. 

4. Develop skill in presenting ideas orally, visually, and in writing.

5. Conduct and present an original, independent capstone project that utilizes appropriate theory and methodology. 

Our Alumni Say...

Jacob Bourne

Since graduation in 2009, I’ve been an NBA reporter, news editor and NBA editor for various major publications. I am now an operations strategist for a global leader in sports news, and I use some aspect of my Lewis & Clark media training every single day. There’s no way I could have gotten here without LC.

Nichole Carnell

The ability to research a topic fully and communicate complex themes in an effective way is priceless.

Camille Christie

I have found almost everything I do is related to my major in some way, whether it be public speaking, concise writing, or the ability to construct a survey. During my AmeriCorps term of service I found that good public speaking and concise writing were essential to my success.  

Ali Korfin Elam

I am an attorney. We do a lot of writing and critical thinking. The training I received from my communication courses helped prepare me for law school and for the practice of law. I became a much better writer after taking comm classes and writing papers and this helps me on a daily basis.

Andrea Hite

My job requires me to find advertisers who who would be willing to advertise on podcasts. This requires me to think about the various rhetorics produced not only by other companies but also by the podcasts we represent in order to determine if a company I find would be a good fit if they decided to work with us.

Neha Kumthekar

I learned to do deeper analysis of messages, understand audiences, and design concise and impactful rhetoric for persuasion.

Chris MacLeod

My studies in Communication gave me a strong footing towards opening my microbakery - the toolkit from Communication helped me create and distinguish my bakery, from concept to marketing to ultimately selling bread online and at farmers markets.