Student Research


In several of our RHMS courses we offer students the opportunity to learn the arts of podcasting as a medium for mobilizing their research interests as well as their skills of storytelling and advocacy. As a department, we are fortunate to have many alumni who have become professionals in the world of podcasting. These alums often serve as mentors to our current students in their podcasting efforts (see our “review board” below). The result is that RHMS students not only gain valuable knowledge about podcasting production; they also make connections with professionals that can lead to internships and careers in a fast-growing industry. In our RHMS 321 course “Argument and Social Justice,” for example, we have a large board of professional mentors who help students develop podcasts around issues of race and social justice, which is a passion project for many of our students at Lewis & Clark College.

RHMS Podcast Panel RHMS Podcast Panel



Curious about video essays made by RHMS students? Visit the department’s Vimeo channel to see work from Media Theory, Media Design and Criticism, Television and American Culture and more!



Students engage in many different forms of original research and creative work in the department.  Many courses require a research paper or creative project and our students have gone on to present some of this work at regional and national conferences, festivals, and workshops.  Faculty involve students in their own research and creative work and several of these collaborations have resulted in publications or films.

All majors and minors complete a capstone project, typically in their senior year.  Students produce their capstone project as part of a 400-level course, in which they learn the relevant theory, research, and method they need to conduct original work. Each semester, capstone students present their work to the department.  The gallery of title slides below provides a feel for the diversity of projects students have completed in recent years.