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Spring 2020 Update

The Writing Center remains available to support students in their writing projects throughout the spring semester. Completing coursework from home presents new challenges, and our goal is to help in any way we can. We’re generally meeting via Google Hangouts/Meet, but we’re happy to work with you on other platforms if needed. Whatever your circumstances, and wherever you are in your work, please reach out if you’d like some feedback on your writing, some encouragement to get started, or just a bit of human contact.


Drop-in tutoring hours by video conference will resume on Sunday, March 29!  Our regular hours will be 3-10 pm, Sunday through Thursday.  No appointment is needed!  To meet with a tutor, just sign in here during those hours (no signing up in advance, please):

Fill in the black columns, and a tutor will acknowledge your arrival in red. When it’s your turn to meet, the tutor on duty will send a link to your email.  Simple as that!  When you begin your meeting, you will be welcome to share a Google Doc or email a file to the tutor on duty.

Please bear with us as we get used to this format — it’s new to us, and glitches or errors are possible while we get up to speed.  If you encounter any troubles, or would like to request other arrangements for tutoring, please write to us at  We welcome your feedback!

For more information about tutoring, please click on the “peer tutoring” link on the right.


Video conference appointments are also available with John Holzwarth, the Center’s director. Click here for further information and the appointment schedule:


Interested in tutoring next year?  We are still welcoming applications to be a peer tutor in 2020-21. The deadline for applying has been extended to Monday, May 11.  Please click here for more information:


Please feel free to reach out to us at at any time.  We’re all in the midst of a momentous shift in how we work together, so we appreciate your patience as we learn on the fly.  But if you run into glitches, we’d appreciate hearing about it, and if you’re having trouble getting the help you need, send an email and we’ll do our best to help.


Writing Center:  Introduction

Why is writing so difficult?  There are probably as many reasons as there are authors, but one of the biggest is that it is impossible to write clearly about an idea until you have had it clearly, and that itself can be extraordinarily difficult.  Our best and deepest thoughts arrive from a thousand directions and often in surprising moments, and they don’t work very hard to keep themselves in line.  Some may even arrive as wordless feelings or intuitions that language seems sorely inadequate to capture.  Once we start herding these mental experiences into a reasonable order on the page, new thoughts come along out of nowhere and disrupt the whole business again.  In short, even for its best practitioners, writing is usually a messy process; for the rest of us, it can seem absolutely hopeless.

How We Can Help

The Writing Center understands these frustrations and is prepared to help you through them while also thinking more about where they originate.  We offer guidance on everything from the most basic components of style and grammar to your highest aspirations to clarity, elegance, and originality.  While we don’t offer direct editing or proofreading on papers about to be submitted – in the end, the work must be yours, not ours – we are happy to read anything you have written, assess strengths and weaknesses, and identify ways you can improve, both short-term and long-term.  This is not just for remedial help.  Everyone can benefit from thinking more about their writing, and the best writers sometimes get the least feedback. Whatever your current talents as a writer, we are here to help you improve.

We are prepared to work with you on many aspects of writing, including:

  • conceiving ideas for a paper (please feel free to meet with us even before you have a draft)
  • writing a strong thesis statement
  • developing a clear and logical structure
  • finding support for an argument
  • developing creativity and finding your “voice” as an author
  • honing your writing process to make it more productive
  • proofreading skills and basic mechanics
  • proper citation

As we work on these kinds of practical skills and methods, we are also here to encourage more abstract reflection on different kinds of writing and the social and historical conditions that influence how we evaluate them. Whether we look at academic journals, literary fiction, technical writing, screenplays, or advertising slogans, almost nothing we read looks the way it did a few decades ago.  The Writing Center encourages reflection about these changes and the forces that drive them, not only to help us notice, but also to help us think more carefully about what we value in the written word and why.  In the end, we want to help you develop the skills to succeed as a writer by contemporary standards, but also the critical faculties to question whether those standards are the ones you wish to associate with success.  

Two Ways to Work with Us

  • Make an appointment with John!  He is available most weekdays — just schedule a consultation through the link on the top-right side of this page.  
  • See a Peer Tutor!  Peer tutoring is available Sundays through Thursdays, 3-10 pm.  No appointment necessary — just drop by! 

Where to Find Us

The Center is located on the main floor of Watzek Library, to the right of the reference desk and behind the reference book stacks.  Our offices are against the west wall.  Here’s a map. 

Writing Center

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