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What’s It Like?

No one can give you a better sense of what it’s really like to study English at Lewis & Clark than our current students and recent alumni.

  • Yash Bisht BA ’21

    Yash Bisht, Class of 2021

    Hometown: Dehradun, India, and Singapore
    Overseas Program: Australia 2020
    Extracurriculars: Bollywood Club, Pause Journal, PioLog, Cochair of South Asia for International Fair
  • Arista Engineer ’19

    Arista Engineer, Class of 2019

    Hometown: Pune, India
    Overseas Program: London, England
    Extracurriculars: Bollywood Club, International Fair, Lunch Host for Admissions, works in the AES Department and Watzek Library

    The classes on my overseas program in London provided me with opportunities to explore English literature in more varied ways, such as through the study of contemporary works and linguistics.

  • Tuse Mahenya BA ’21

    Tuse Mahenya, Class of 2021

    Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
    Overseas Program: South Korea (spring 2020)
    Extracurriculars: Theatre, Student Philanthropy Council, Editorial Meridian Journal, Auditor (ASLC), Student Advisory Board (Career Center), Overnight Host, International Fair, Senior Experience, Literary Review
  • Sydney Owada ’19

    Sydney Owada, Class of 2019

    Hometown: Fresno, California
    Overseas Program: London, England
    Extracurriculars: Pioneer Log opinions editor, LC Dance Company president, Dance X and Y participant/choreographer

    My favorite class was Medieval Manuscripts with Karen Gross, in which we studied the history of manuscript production and paleography. The practical aspect of this class stands out in my mind as a unique aspect of the type of education Lewis & Clark facilitates: unconventional and widely applicable. 

  • Brynn Rova ’19

    Brynn Rova, Class of 2019

    Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota
    Overseas Program: Dublin, Ireland
    Extracurriculars: Anything in the theatre department, a cappella, L&C Quidditch Club, Admissions Ambassadors program, Writing Center

    I’ve always been in love with writing and reading. Books are such an essential part of my past and who I am that I can’t imagine not being an English major.