What’s It Like?

No one can give you a better sense of what it’s really like to study English at Lewis & Clark than our current students and recent alumni.

Yash Bisht

Hometown: Dehradun, India, and Singapore
Overseas Program: Australia 2020
Extracurriculars: Bollywood Club, Pause Journal, PioLog, Cochair of South Asia for International Fair

Arista Engineer

Hometown: Pune, India
Overseas Program: London, England
Extracurriculars: Bollywood Club, International Fair, Lunch Host for Admissions, works in the AES Department and Watzek Library

Tuse Mahenya

Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Overseas Program: South Korea (spring 2020)
Extracurriculars: Theatre, Student Philanthropy Council, Editorial Meridian Journal, Auditor (ASLC), Student Advisory Board (Career Center), Overnight Host, International Fair, Senior Experience, Literary Review

Sydney Owada

Hometown: Fresno, California
Overseas Program: London, England
Extracurriculars: Pioneer Log opinions editor, LC Dance Company president, Dance X and Y participant/choreographer

Brynn Rova

Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota
Overseas Program: Dublin, Ireland
Extracurriculars: Anything in the theatre department, a cappella, L&C Quidditch Club, Admissions Ambassadors program, Writing Center