Lali Guevara-Hernandez

Lali Guevara-Hernandez BA '21



Degree and Class Year

BA ’21


Los Angeles, California






Students for Cultural Inclusion in the Theatre (SCIT), Theatre, Gente Latina Unida (GLU), French Club, Spanish Club, Gaming Society

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Green, Eclectic, Homey

What’s your favorite class? How has it expanded your knowledge?

My favorite class was Shakespeare’s Later Works taught by Professor Lyell Asher. I always liked theatre and plays, but Lyell’s energy and passion makes the text come alive in ways that I would never have thought. Going to class is a highlight of my day.

Who is your mentor on campus? Why do you consider this person your mentor?

My mentor on campus would have to Marie-Eve Thifault. Her calming presence has helped me keep my cool and work through issues and identity crises. She is just such a genuine and caring person.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I liked the personal touch present in everything at L&C. The administration and faculty genuinely care about students and their success. Coming from somewhere as big as Los Angeles, it can be difficult to feel supported and cared about, and here at Lewis & Clark, I feel like family.

How did you get involved with the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement? What has your involvement with IME added to your L&C experience?

I went on a Great Expectations trip with IME since I am a student of color here at Lewis & Clark. That experience really opened my eyes to the resources available to students of color on campus and was a great way to meet other students and faculty with similar backgrounds. It made me feel a lot less alone and more like I had a support system that understood where I was coming from.