EAR Forest Directions

General Directions and Maps

Please refer to Lewis & Clark’s visitor’s directions for details on our campus location.

For the location of the EAR Forest, please refer to this PDF map. The EAR Forest is located in the woods behind the Fields Art Building and next to the Historic Bathhouse and Tennis Courts.

Lewis & Clark Transportation and Parking

Parking at Lewis & Clark is very tight during the day/class hours. While we suggest taking public transportation to campus any time, we strongly suggest taking the Pioneer Express shuttle from downtown or another stop along the route if you are planning to attend the events that are earlier in the day (starting at 3:30 p.m.). Learn more information about the Pio Express shuttle. The downtown shuttle stop is at SW 6th and Salmon, in front of Starbucks.

Prior to 7 p.m., purchasing an ePermit is required to park on campus with a personal vehicle. Permits can be purchased online or at vending kiosks located in certain parking lots. More information and help with parking can be found by stopping at Campus Safety, #30 on this map. After 7 p.m., there is no charge for parking. And find additional  visitor parking information here.