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SAAB Tutoring is a free peer-to-peer tutoring program for all students at L&C. Tutoring is a useful and informal way to study for a test, ask questions about homework, review notes, or practice your skills. Students are eligible to receive two hours of tutoring per course each week. Tutoring for 2023-24 is taking place virtually and in-person. Tutors and tutees will be able to select the method that works best and takes into account any needs as far as WiFi, subject content, and/or accessibility

From this site, you may review a list of courses with tutors, request a tutor, learn how to become a tutor, or locate resources for current SAAB tutors.

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Disclaimer: SAAB Tutoring is not a program that professors can require you to participate in any form. A professor may suggest you get a tutor, but they cannot require you get tutoring through SAAB as part of your grade or as a requirement for a class.