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Minor Requirements 

A minimum of 28 semester credits (7 courses), distributed as follows:     

  • CLAS 201 or 202   
  • Twelve credits (3 courses) in one of the classical languages (Greek or Latin), through the 201 level.    
  • Eight semester credits (2 courses) from a minimum of two disciplines, selected from the electives list in the Classics and Affiliated Program Electives tab.    
  • One additional 450-level seminar course chosen from the following:    
    • CLAS 450    Topics in Classical Studies         
    • PHIL 451    Philosophical Studies: History of Philosophy (with departmental approval if topic covers Classics material.)         
    • PHIL 453    Philosophical Studies: Advanced Themes in Philosophy  (with departmental approval if topic covers Classics material.) 
    • RELS 450    Seminar: Social and Religious World of Early Judaism and Christianity    

At least 16 semester credits must be discrete to the minor (may not be used in any other set of major or minor requirements).



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