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Sociology and Anthropology


About SAAB Tutoring

Even though Lewis & Clark offers such services as writing and math skills centers, some students find that they need additional help to sort through that tough calculus problem, translate a difficult foreign text, or understand just what that philosopher was saying. Thus, in 1985, SAAB created one of LC’s most popular student programs: SAAB tutoring. Students can go to SAAB to get a peer tutor for any academic department on campus; if there is not a tutor for a specific area, SAAB will work to find one. The tutors are all approved by their respective departments and are paid by SAAB for their services. The program is mutually beneficial: students receive additional help with their classes while tutors get paid for helping their peers.

 Sociology/Anthropology (100, 110, 200, 201, 285, 300)  

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Sociology and Anthropology

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