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Mathematical Sciences

Computer Science Major

The Computer Science Major

This option complements our existing Mathematics and CSMT (Computer Science and Mathematics) majors. While many students are well served by the existing CS/Math hybrid major, we recognize that some students will prefer a more traditional CS major with more CS classes and fewer math classes.

Major Requirements for the Computer Science Major:
  • CS 171: Computer Science I
  • CS 172: Computer Science II
  • CS 230: Computational Mathematics
  • CS 277: Computer Architecture and Assembly Languages
    Or   CS 393: Computer Networks 
  • CS 383: Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • MATH 255: Statistical Concepts and Methods

And 5 other computer science classes numbered 200 or above. Currently, these courses are:

  • CS 311: Computer and Network Security
  • CS 363: Operating Systems
  • CS 367: Computer Graphics
  • CS 369: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 373: Programming Language Structures
  • CS 393: Computer Networks
  • CS 465: Theory of Computation
  • CS 467: Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CS 487: Advanced Algorithms 
  • CS 488: Software Development 
  • CS 495: Topics in Computer Science

See the College Catalog for a description of the courses and our other two majors.

For questions, contact the Mathematical Sciences Dept.