Computer Science Major

This option complements our existing Mathematics and CSMT (Computer Science and Mathematics) majors. While many students are well served by the existing CS/Math hybrid major, we recognize that some students will prefer a more traditional CS major with more CS classes and fewer math classes.

Major Requirements for the Computer Science Major:

  • CS 171: Computer Science I
  • CS 172: Computer Science II
  • CS 230: Computational Mathematics
    Or   Math 132: Calculus II
  • CS 277: Computer Architecture and Assembly Languages
    Or   CS 293: Networks and Web Development
  • CS 383: Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • CS 488: Software Development 
  • MATH 255: Statistical Concepts and Methods

And 4 other computer science classes (16 credits total) numbered 200 or above. Currently, these courses are:

  • CS 211: Computer and Network Security
  • CS 367: Computer Graphics
  • CS 369: Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 373: Programming Language Structures
  • CS 465: Theory of Computation
  • CS 467: Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CS 495: Topics in Computer Science

Optional Cybersecurity Concentration

A minimum of 14 credits distributed as follows:

  • CS 111 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CS 211 Computer and Network Security
  • CS 293 Networks and Web Development

One course chosen from the following:

  • IA 330 Global Security
  • PSY 425 Human-Computer Interaction

The concentration in cybersecurity may be pursued only by those with a declared computer science major, computer science and math major, or computer science minor.

See the College Catalog for a description of the courses and our other two majors.

For questions, contact the Mathematical Sciences Dept.