International Affairs Symposium

Overview Schedule Archive 

2018: The Scramble for Sovereignty

Modern Challenges to an Age-Old Construct

2017: Population

Transforming the Global Landscape

2016: Global Divergence

Challenging Dominant Perspectives of an Interconnected World

2015: The Dynamics of Identity

Characterizing Conflict in a Global World

2014: Gambling with Security

New Frontiers in Global Intervention

2013: Power

Balance, Order, and Flux

2012: Global Rifts

Dynamic Rifts among States, Societies, and the World System

2011: Lines in the Sand

The Ebb and Flow of Borders, Power, and Information

2010: Global (Dis)Order

Searching for Solutions in a Changing World

2009: A World of Warfare

Dynamics of Conflict in the 21st Century

2008: Where People Matter

Navigating the Labyrinth of Human Security

2007: The Struggle for Stability

Rethinking Approaches to Fragile States

2006: Pledges of Allegiance

Identity in a Changing World

2005: States of Emergency

Exploring the Reality of Global Disease

2004: The Suffering of Strangers

Global Humanitarian Intervention in a Turbulent World

2003: Sancity & Statecraft

The Role of Religion in International Affairs

2002: Reshaping the World

Sanctions in the 21st Century

2001: Armed & Dangerous?

Weapons Transfers in the Modern World

2000: The Threat Next Door

Ethnic Conflict Unleashed

1999: Beyond GLOBALmania

Pursuing clarity in an interdependent world

1998: The Power of Fear

Reassessing international terrorism

1997: On The Move

Global Migration and Refugee Dilemmas

1996: Aid vs Investment

Drawing the Battle Lines

1994: Navigating the Waters of Change

US-Russia Trans-Pacific Conference and Dialogue

1993: Regional Evolution

Emerging Images of 21st Century Politics 

1992: A New World Order

US-Soviet Transpacific Conference and Dialogue

1991: The Changing Face of International Devlopment

The Changing Face of International Devlopment

1989: Future Global Resources

Future Global Resources