International Affairs Symposium

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 Lewis & Clark’s 59th International Affairs Symposium 

 April 5–7, 2021

International Affairs' 59th Symposium: System Shocks

The Lewis & Clark College International Affairs Symposium is one of the most prestigious events within the Oregon academic and civic communities. It has been highly acclaimed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. It is also the oldest student-run symposium in the United States. 

The focus of the symposium is controversy, emphasizing the confrontation of opposing viewpoints. It is our hope that through debate our audience develops a more thorough understanding of the complexities surrounding international dilemmas. Organized entirely by students, this event concentrates on the most pressing themes and topics in international relations today. 

2021 Planning Committee

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the IA Symposium Committee at

Student Cochairs

Sandenna McMaster and Nathan Oakley

Student Steering Committee
Annika Bateman
Pamela Nassar Altabcharani
Loren Pawelski
Lauren Pichard
Joshua Phillips
Pablo Quezada Cortes
Milica Stanisic
Maddie Thomas
Alex Walsh
Faculty Advisor
Bob Mandel, Professor of International Affairs