Model United Nations

Model UN 2017 Model United Nations is a club at Lewis & Clark College. It concentrates on the workings of the United Nations, as well as research on various countries and their foreign policies. Model UN develops your public speaking skills and diplomatic skills, and allows you to learn more about the world around you. Some activities include attending regional conferences and practicing writing policy statements as well as UN Resolutions. Best of all, it is fun and laid back!

Model United Nations does not require you to be an International Affairs major, but rather can benefit all those who are interested in learning about different countries. It helps with your research skills and ability to formulate a reasonable argument that a given country would agree with on a particular topic being discussed (e.g., Israel/Palestine). Model United Nations is mainly focused on using a variety of resources to explore a country’s foreign policy in relation to a given topic, and from there being able to formulate an accurate portrayal of the country’s preferences in a diplomatic way.

Primary Contact: Elley Wolf
Activities: Attending conferences; researching different countries, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations; practice writing UN resolutions; preparing country profiles and policy papers; discussing the workings of the United Nations.

Faculty Advisor: Kyle Lascurettes

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