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International Affairs

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research

Elizabeth Bennett

During the 2014-2015 academic year and in the summer of 2015, I worked with several research assistants to complete a study on the politics of voluntary, ethical standards-setting organizations (VESSOs)—such as Fairtrade International, the Forest Stewardship Council, Global Aquaculture Alliance, and the Fair Labor Association. The project aimed to determine whether and how these organizations included the producers of certified goods (such as farmers, factory workers, miners, and artisans) in their highest bodies of governance (such as the Board of Directors). Maggie Sholar assisted in developing case selection criteria, gathering data on potential cases, and evaluating cases against the criteria. Adrian Austin-King assisted in contacting each of the 34 selected VESSOs to request their governance documents—such as statutes, by-laws, and constitutions. Tamar Shuhendler and Sophie Owens assisted in developing an analysis protocol for evaluating each organization’s governance structure, and independently evaluated each organization. Sophie Owens was instrumental in analyzing findings and writing up results. The resulting article, “Who Governs Socially-Oriented Voluntary Sustainability Standards? Not the Producers of Certified Products,” was published in the peer-reviewed academic journal World Development in early 2017.

Bob Mandel

In Summer 2015, I worked with Katherine Keller on a project leading to the completion of my 13th book—Deterring the Undeterrable:  Toward a Strategy Restraining Global Cyberattacks.  Katherine was absolutely instrumental in improving the case studies and in coming up with key questions and ideas to make the complex interconnections in the study a lot clearer.

In Summer 2013, I worked with Ugyen Llamo—a student from Bhutan who is a double major in International Affairs and Psychology—on a project that led to the completion and acceptance for publication of my 12th book, /Coercing Compliance:  State-Initiated Brute Force in Today’s World/ (Stanford University Press, 2015).  Ugyen not only researched many of the the case studies but also questioned and refined the conceptual propositions in the study.

Heather Smith-Cannoy

During the summer of 2014 my research assistant Isabella Fabens and I worked on completing a case study of human trafficking in Thailand. The research required that we study trafficking patterns throughout the greater Mekong sub-region, identify recruitment strategies employed by traffickers and interview individuals working to fight trafficking in Thailand. This research is part of a larger book project, currently under contract with an academic press, that compares trafficking patterns in the developed and developing world. Isabella was instrumental in my work that summer and continued assisting me in the fall of 2014.

International Affairs

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