Recent Results



5th place overall sweepstakes

National Champion President’s I division;

5th place LD sweepstakes


Aaron Lutz  National Champion in Extemp & Impromptu, SF, Rhetorical Criticism, QF, Informative

Alex Webb  National Champion, Lincoln-Douglas debate

Hope Smothers, 2nd place, Prose Interpretation, QF, Rhetorical Criticism, Duo, Poetry, Dramatic

Ruby Guzman,  SF Dramatic; QF Poetry

Eden Kenney , QF Rhetorical Criticism, Duo, Informative; OF Persuasive Speaking

Grace Elkhal, QF Poetry; OF Rhetorical Criticism, Program Oral Interpretation, Prose, Duo

Syl Knauss,  QF Duo, OF Dramatic, Program Oral Interpretation, Prose

Catie McCarty (’24), QF Duo

Gavin Patchet, OF Extemporaneous, Impromptu

Rosalie Zuckermann,  Octafinalist Dramatic, Program Oral Interpretation

Danny Brady, Octafinalist Informative

Josie Stenzel, Octafinalist After-Dinner Speaking

Hannah Marians, Octafinalist Persuasive

Emma Ramsey, Octafinalist Persuasive

Jack Norman, Octafinalist Impromptu



6th place sweepstakes

Hope Smothers  National Champion, Prose Interpretation; 6th Place, Dramatic; QF, Duo

Aaron Lutz  5th Place, Impromptu; 6th Place, Extemp; SF, Communication Analysis, QF Informative, After Dinner, 14th place Individual Sweepstakes

                                                                  Eden Kenney  6th Place, Informative Speaking; QF, Duo, Communication Analysis

                   Gavin Patchet  SF, Impromptu

                Syl Knauss, QF, Duo, Dramatic

    Catie McCarty, QF, Duo

                                             Grace Elkhal, QF, Program Oral Interpretation

           Ruby Guzman, QF, Dramatic




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