Portland Speech & Debate Institute FAQ

Where can I register? Go to the registration page and fill out the form provided there!

When is the deadline for registering? We will take registrations up to June 15, 2024. After that date, we will only take registrations to fill up labs that may be partially filled.

Do I need to send a deposit? Yes, we ask for a $200 deposit via credit card payment once a student is registered. That is due by May 31 or by one week after registration (if registration occurs after May 25).

Are there scholarships? Partial scholarships may be available on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Documentation of such need will be requested as a part of the scholarship application process.

When and where do I check in? This information is to be finalized soon!

Can I get some transportation? Yes! We will provide shuttle service to and from PDX.

How do meals work? Bon Appetit operates our campus meals, and they will run meals for the camp as well. They are all you can eat, and meals are designed with multiple options (with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options). Meals will begin with dinner on the 11th and will end with breakfast on the 25th. Commuters have lunch and dinner on each day included with their tuition costs.

Can I make special requests on partners or roommates? Yes! Please note roommate requests in the box at the bottom of the registration form.

Can I find a more specific schedule? We will have more specific schedules available after curriculum design is completed. There will be a mix of lecture, lab, drills and practice rounds on each day. Two practice tournaments will be held.

What if I have no speech/debate experience?
For students who are new to forensics or are just getting started, we will be offering a new student orientation where they will be able to learn what each of the events look like and help decide what labs and lectures they should be attending to make sure they get the best possible experience out of our camp. 

A sample day looks as follows:







All Camp Meet




Skills Lecture




Skills Lab (drills, instruction)







Topic Lecture




Lab Research/Library



Free time








Practice Rounds




Activities/Free Time


This year’s orientation packet is being finalized, but you can see a previous year’s packet for general information about camp policies and guidelines.