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Gender Studies Symposium

Art Show


March 5-7, 2014


Open daily during the symposium in Stamm Dining Room, Templeton Campus Center.

Curated by L&C students Tyler Rizzo, ’14 and Anna Svoboda-Stel, ’14.

Curatorial Statement:  “Gender, Power, Space” explores gender and sexual identities and how they operate in or adapt to different environments—from a domestic space to a cruising ground, from sending a sext to taking a selfie. Artists embracing stigmatized gender expressions are put in conversation with those destabilizing fixed conceptions of identity, and are united in their consideration of how the spatial informs (and can construct) the social. A curated selection of works that highlight the temporality of our identities in space, “Gender, Power, Space”investigates how our genders and sexualities shift in response to our situation in domestic, sacred, public, intimate, digital and political environments. These works push against the boundaries these spaces confine us to—and explore the different opportunities they present to us.

Participating artists

Demi Anter
Lindsay Bottos
Hilary Devaney
Nick Grasso
Anne Greenwood and Sandy Sampson
Rachel Hibbard
Rachel Hines
Alison Ho
Laura Houlberg
Irene Zoller Huete
Miriam Karraker
Michelle McCausey
Savannah Prentiss
Dustin Swinney
Rachel Wolfson
Demian Diné Yazhi’
Em Young