Departmental Honors

In the spring semester, juniors who have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the major and overall are invited to apply to the department for placement in Political Science 400, Senior Thesis. Students who fall below a 3.0 GPA may be granted an exception to apply on a case-by-case basis. Majors who have achieved a GPA of 3.500 or higher in the major and overall may be considered for honors. After the student completes and formally presents the thesis, the political science faculty determine whether to grant honors on graduation.



Past Honors Thesis Projects:


Randi Phillips, “Tocqueville on the Condition of American Labor and Industry and its Contribution Toward Democratic Despotism.”


Kristofer S. Lyon, “Red Batons: Explaining Variation in Police Use of Force at Public Protests in the United States.”


Maya Gold, “Sheep and Scandal.” Maya conducted a survey experiment to test alternative theories of how political partisans respond to scandals within their own party.

Walker Davis, “The Call is Coming From Inside the House: The effect of electoral proximity on the quality of third party complaints.”

Zoe Klingmann, “Outside In: The Litigation Strategies of Tent Cities.”
Reid Sata, “Online Credit Recovery and Graduation Rates in Oregon Public High Schools.”


Katie Kowal, “Can Information Lead to Voice? A Study of Broken Schools and Public Response.”

Nick LeSage, “WordPress and Chill: Defamation Law’s Chilling Effect in the Digital Age.”


Rafael Swit,  “Representing the Public Will in the Age of Misinformation.”


Benjamin Bardman, “Power and Theory in 1984: The Political Theory of George Orwell.”

Jacob Bell, “Skinning the Cat: Understanding Voter Preferences on Corporate Tax Policy.”

Alaina Haig, “The Relationship Between Christian Religiosity and Public Opinion on Education Spending.”


Celia McDonald, “Is This Seat Taken? The Effect of Gender Quotas on Symbolic Representation.”


Jacob Muscarella, “Partisan Motivated Reasoning, Information Framing, and Attitudes toward Congress.”


Paige Underwood, “Movement or Myth? An Empirical Study of Progressive Prosecution In the United States.”

Alex Webb, “A Concervative Legal Bastion? Federalist Society Judges and the Fourth Amendment.”