Spring Semester

Dr. Christel Rischer touring Nymphenburg. Dr. Christel Rischer touring Nymphenburg.Courses are offered based on students’ interest. Note: Spring courses at Lewis & Clark are limited in order to encourage students to take advantage of the vast course offerings at the University of Munich. See the university’s Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

Advanced German Review II
This course is a continuation of Advanced German Review I in the fall semester. The course introduces new grammatical structures on an advanced level.

Reading and Writing
This course focuses on texts from newspapers, magazines and books in order to improve students’ reading and writing skills on an advanced level, as well as their knowledge of current German politics and culture. Students will have the opportunity to learn specific vocabulary and stylistic elements to raise their level of language competence.

Art through the Ages II
Hiermit trete ich aus der Kunst aus - Joseph Beuys "Hiermit trete ich aus der Kunst aus - Joseph Beuys"This course is a continuation of Art through the Ages I (Fall semester), but can be taken separately. The course concentrates on art movements and important artists in Germany from the end of WWI to the present. Developments in German art cannot be understood separately from the international art scene. Therefore this course also explores much non-German art. The course grade is based on an oral report on a chosen topic, a midterm and final exam, and active participation in class discussions.

Major Periods of German Literature from the Enlightenment to the Present
This course focuses on plays currently being performed in Munich theaters. After thorough preparation (reading and discussion of the works), students see the plays on stage. Post-performance discussions, oral reports, and papers deepen students’ understanding of the pieces and help them understand the socio-historical contexts of the works. Approximately ten works are studied, each one representative of an important literary period from the Enlightenment to the present. This course is both a literary survey as well as a course on German theater.