Honors Theses

As majors and minors, philosophy students have the opportunity to pursue honors in our department. Our process for receiving honors in the Department of Philosophy can be accessed below. 

Honors in Philosophy

Here is a list of Honors theses written in our department.

2005  Daniel Sanderman, “Why Socrates Mocks His Interlocutors”.

2006  Ian Evans, “Conceptual Analysis and 2D Semantics”.

2007  Katherine Ritchie, “Metaphysical Vagueness and Restricted Ontology”.

2008  Benjamin Hole, “Greatness of Soul and Virtues of Ignorance”.

          Matthew Braich, “Strawson and Allison on Kant’s Transcendental Idealism”.

2010  Alex von Stein, “Doxastic Voluntarism and Epistemic Norms”.

           Emily Long, “The Socratic Account of Virtue’s Relation to Happiness.”          
            Hannah Tierney, “The Racist and the Existentialist: a Testimonial Account of the Basing Relation”. 

2011  Sarah Raskoff, “Particularism and Moral Debate”. 

2012  Davida Grimes, “Moral Disagreement, Moral Inquiry, and Moral Problem Solving”.

2013  Bryce Dalbey, “Representationalism and the Hard Problem of Consciousness”.

2015  Kaitlin Pettit, “An Investigation of Moral Supervenience and Projectivism from the Perspective of Burning Cats”. 

2016 Molly Kiefer, “Emotional Expression in Art: The Hard Case of Non-Lyrical Music”.