Gender Studies Symposium - College of Arts and Sciences - Lewis & Clark

Presentation Format Information

Individual paper: Presentation of 15-20 minutes; may be submitted alone or with other papers to form a full panel (see below). Presentations may be drawn from coursework, internships, or independent research.  If you submit an individual paper, the GSS committee will connect your presentation to other individual submissions to form a full panel.

Panel: Typically consists of 3-4 individual presentations, sometimes submitted as a fully formed panel, but more often assembled from individual papers submitted separately. For the latter, the program committee will combine individual papers based on common themes or shared areas of inquiry, and the committee will devise a session title and select a panel chair. Panels typically last 90 minutes, including 20-30 minutes for discussion and interaction among the panelists and with the audience.

Workshop: Session of 60-90 minutes (in rare cases workshops may be scheduled for a longer period of time) in which the facilitator leads participants through some activity or exercise. Past sessions have included hands-on crafts or artistic productions, writing workshops, meditation sessions, and skills trainings.

Roundtable discussion: Usually includes 3-6 people who bring different perspectives to a set of questions or issues determined in advance. The typical format is for each panelist to speak briefly at the outset, followed by moderated discussion among the presenters and with the general audience. A roundtable is distinguished from a panel of individual presentations in that the entire session involves interaction and conversation among the presenters rather than a series of individual presentations followed by conversation.

Reading: Presenter or presenters share poetry or prose rather than scholarly papers. 

Performance: May include music, dance, performance art, or other theatrical performances.