Society of Economists

Welcome all aspiring economists! The Society of Economists welcomes all those interested in learning, debating, and pondering Economics. We created this club as a way for impassioned students to come together on a bi-weekly basis to have sometimes casual, sometimes profound conversations. Through the many years of our development, we have diversified our activities to include economic conferences, speakers, field trips, movie nights, economic comedians, and lectures. Sometimes we meet to talk about recent thought-provoking articles. Sometimes we meet to explore an entire subject like Game Theory or Behavioral Economics. Sometimes we meet to eat some pizza while delving into a time period in particular. We are excited to create a space for Economics based conversation with other passionate students. Regular attendance is appreciated but by no means required. Each bi-weekly meeting will be independent of its predecessors. However, in order to engage in meaningful discussion, we host topics that may require a basic understanding of Economics (Econ 101 or equivalent understanding).

The mission of the Society of Economists is (1) to create a learning environment outside of the classroom for economics education, (2) to bring together students with a common interest in economics in a collaborative atmosphere and (3) to expose Lewis & Clark College students to the work of outside scholars.

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Faculty Advisor: Moriah Bostian