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Economics Internship                           Supervisor’s Final Evaluation of Intern

Intern:    ____________________            Supervisor:  ___________________

Date: _______________________            Circle One:  Econ 244 or Econ 444

This form is to be completed at the midpoint of the internship and mailed to

Arthur O’Sullivan

Mailstop #40

Lewis & Clark College

0615 SW Palatine Hill Road

Portland, Oregon, 97219


Please evaluate your intern’s performance by answering the following questions.  If the answer to a question is“yes,” a brief explanation will suffice.


1.  Timely Completion of Tasks.  Did the intern complete the assigned tasks in a timely manner?






2.  Quality of Work.  Did the intern’s work meet your standards of quality?















3.  Contribution of intern.  Briefly describe the contribution of the intern to your organization.