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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Application Steps

Time to apply! Below you will find a detailed list of application steps. Make sure you complete your application before the due date.

**Printable Checklist Here!**



All application materials are due by 4 PM on the deadline.

Fall/Full Year/Summer/Domestic Programs
October 14, 2016

Spring/Munich Programs
March 3, 2017

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline OR once 40 applications for a specific program have been submitted, whichever comes first. Around 25 students are admitted per program


Application Advising



Part A: Online
  • Before you fill out this form you will need to know: passport information (if you don’t have a passport leave it blank), birth place, parent/guardian info, emergency contact, and academic information. Filling out the form will take about 30-45 minutes, and you cannot save and return to the application, so make sure you do it in one sitting!

  • Clicking the APPLY NOW button  will bring you to the Application for Admission form, as well as the essay questions. Fill out the Application for Admission form, and hit submit!
  • After you submit you will be taken to a page with the Essay Questions and the Contract Form. Download these!
  • Press “Close” before leaving the page.
  • Download the essay questions.
  • Draft your responses to the questions in a word document, to avoid the Essay Form timing you out. Also make sure you pay attention to word count.
  • Copy and paste your answers into the essay form and submit!
  • You will need two Academic References 
  • Email your references. Make sure you include your selected program, semester, LC ID Number and THIS LINK
  • Professors and advisers make great references, choose someone who knows you well. Transfer/First Year students may get references from previous institution/high school.


  • You will find this form on the page that pops up after you submit your Application for Admission Form. 
  • Please print it, fill out all fields, sign it, and bring it to your adviser.
  • Once your adviser has signed it, bring the form to us at the Overseas Office in Albany 206!
  • Passport Photos are 2x2 pictures of you that you will have taken in the Resource Lab in the basement of Watzek. These are used for application and visa purposes. Your print balance can be applied to purchasing these!
  •  RESOURCE LAB PASSPORT PHOTO HOURS: Monday to Friday, 2 pm - 4 pm
  • Before you turn in the photos you will need to cut them out individually, and write your name, program, and semester on the back of each photo (e.g. First Last, India, Fall 2017). Use a sharpie so your information is readable. 
  • Take a screenshot of your transcript from webadvisor and email it to us at 
  • *MUNICH PROGRAM APPLICANTS: You are required to submit an official transcript instead of a transcript screenshot. Request this from the registrar, it will cost $5. Additionally, if you are a non-LC Munich Applicant, feel free to mail us your transcript, 10 passport photos, and your contract form to our office.



  • Do I need a Passport to apply?

Technically, no. HOWEVER, if you are accepted, we do ask for a scan of your passport 30 days after acceptance. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get started on the passport process right away. (If you already have a passport, note that the passport needs to be valid through 6 months following the end of the program!)

  • Applying to More Than One Program

You can only apply to one program per semester. If you submit more than one application, the applications will not be processed. If you are not selected for your first choice program you will have the opportunity to transfer your application to a program that is still accepting applications.

**If you are interested in applying to two programs in consecutive semesters, please contact the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office for information. Admission to more than one program in consecutive semesters is not guaranteed.**

  • Two-Step Application

If you are applying to a program administered by a third-party provider or partner university, the application has a two-step process. If admitted to a program by Lewis & Clark, you will also submit an application to the program provider. Please save your essay responses so that you can re-use them for your provider application.

  • Interview

In order to participate in the interview process, your file must be complete (including receipt of references).  You will be contacted via Moodle or email to schedule your interview once the deadline has been met.  The interview will be conducted by the program leader, Foreign Language Departments, and/or members of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs staff.

The decision is determined by the program leader in close consultation with the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office.  Notification of final decisions is sent through email prior to posting on the office bulletin board.  Most programs accept an initial group of approximately 25 students.

  • CORE Requirement

Students who have not completed the CORE requirement cannot participate in a study abroad program. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog, here.