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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

Application Procedure

We welcome your interest in Overseas & Off-Campus Programs and look forward to working with you during the application and selection process. Please read this information carefully.


All application materials are due by 4 PM on the deadline.

Fall/Full Year Programs
October 26, 2015
Spring/Summer/Munich Programs
February 8, 2016

Applications will not be accepted after the deadline OR once 40 applications for a specific program have been submitted to the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office, whichever comes first. Up to 25 students are admitted per program.

The application consists of the following online forms: Application for Admission and Essay Form

In addition, you will be asked to submit the following:

  • Contract Form
  • Transcript Screenshot
  • Passport Photos
  • 2 Academic Reference forms
  • 1 Personal Reference form

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your file is complete. Only complete applications will be considered.

From the beginning of the application process until you return from the program, our office will communicate with you via email. For this reason, you must be able to check your email frequently.

If you have not yet completed the College’s four-semester residency requirement and are accepted for participation in an overseas or domestic off campus program, you will be responsible for completing the requirement in the semester(s) immediately following your overseas or domestic program. Exceptions will only be made for students who reach the age of 21 before the beginning of the semester they wold otherwise be required to live on campus. 



  • Before applying to the program, meet with your academic advisor. Discuss program options and your four-year plan.
  • Read all application instructions and policies before beginning the application. Start your application early as it is a multi-step process and can be lengthy.
  • Before beginning the Online Application for Admission form, have your passport, birth place, parent/guardian info, emergency contact, and academic information at hand. You should set aside 30-45 minutes to submit the Application for Admission form.
  • After reading these instructions, proceed to the Application Website. Click on “Apply Now” IMPORTANT: You will have to complete this particular form in one sitting. You cannot save and later return to your application, so make sure to fully complete and submit it before you exit the page or you will lose all data.
  • Once you have completed the online application form, hit submit. You will then be directed to a page with instructions for the rest of your application. When you are finished with this page, click Close before you close out the tab/window.
    After you submit the Application for Admission form, you will be given the opportunity to download the list of questions you are expected to answer in the Essay form. Please draft your responses in a Word document, taking care to follow the word limit restriction in each section. Once your answers are ready, you may access the Essay form via the Application website and copy & paste your answers.
    After you submit the Application for Admission form, you will be given the opportunity to download the Contract form. After reading carefully, fill out the fields electronically, then print out, sign, and acquire your advisor’s signature. You must turn in the original copy of the form with all signatures in ink to the Overseas Office in Albany 206.
    After you submit your Application for Admission form, you will need to request 2 Lewis & Clark faculty to complete an academic reference form for you. Transfer and first-year students may request one of these references from a faculty member at their previous institution or high school. You will need to email the faculty member your selected program, semester, and LC student ID # along with your request. If they do not have your LC ID, they will not be able to complete the form for you. You should also email them the URL to the Application website so that they can complete the task easily.
    The personal reference form can be provided by an employer, co-worker, RA, roommate, etc. (no family members may provide references). The request and submission process is the same as for the academic reference form.
    Purchase and submit 10 passport-sized (2 x 2 in.) pictures with your name, program, and semester of program written on the back of each one with a non-smearing pen. All passport photos must meet passport photo requirements. Domestic (U.S.) programs only require 2 pictures. You can purchase passport photos at the Watzek Resource Lab using your print balance . Submit the photos in person or by mail to the Overseas Office in Albany 206.

    We do not require an official transcript, only a simple transcript screenshot image from your WebAdvisor account. We accept .jpg, .pdf, .png, or .tiff file types for the screenshot. Please email this file to

    Germany: Munich program applicants are required to submit 1 official transcript instead of a screenshot. NOTE: If you do not live in Portland, you can mail your Contract Form, Passport Photos, and Transcript to our office.
  • Use the application checklist to ensure that you have submitted all application materials. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Remember to save all files for current and future use! Overseas & Off-Campus Programs is not responsible for technical errors.

Two-Step Application

If you are applying to a program administered by a third-party provider or partner university, the application has a two-step process. If admitted to a program by Lewis & Clark, you will also submit an application to the program provider. Please save your essay responses so that you can re-use them for your provider application.


Use this list as a resource to ensure that you have completed all required application materials. Please note that you should read the full application instructions in addition to using this checklist.

  • Meet with advisor
  • Read instructions
  • Online application for admission form. You DO NOT need a passport to apply to a program. Please leave the passport portion blank if you do not have a passport.
  • Email your references (2 Academic and 1 Personal)
  • Essay form
  • Contract form
  • 10 passport sized photos
  • Transcript screenshot (with the exception of the Munich program which requires an official transcript)

Applying to More Than One Program

Please note that you can only apply to one program per semester. If you submit more than one application, the applications will not be processed. If you are not selected for your first choice program you will have the opportunity to transfer your application to a program that is still accepting applications.

If you are interested in applying to two programs in consecutive semesters, please contact the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs office for information. Admission to more than one program in consecutive semesters is not guaranteed.


In order to participate in the interview process, your file must be complete (including receipt of references).  You will be contacted via Moodle or email  to schedule your interview once the deadline has been met or 40 applications have been received (whichever comes first).  The interview will be conducted by the program leader and/or members of the office of Overseas & Off-Campus Programs.

The Decision Selection is determined by the program leader in close consultation with the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office.  Notification of final decisions is sent through email prior to posting on the office bulletin board.  Most programs accept an initial group of up to approximately 25 students.

Passport Information

Please note that for overseas program participation, you will need a passport valid for at least six months after the program end date. A passport is not required for application, however if you are admitted to the program we will request a scan of your passport 30 days from acceptance notification. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for your updated passport prior to or during application to overseas programs. Visit our Passport Resources page to get started.