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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

You’re in! Here are the steps you need to complete to secure your spot. Deadlines will vary depending on program, so check your email!

1. Confirmation Form (Email)

  • This form is hosted on Google Forms. The link was sent to you in your acceptance email, and is available here
  • You’ll need to have your health insurance card/policy information and immunization records on hand while filling out this form. 


2. $300 Deposit Payment (Student Account Services)

  • This payment is to be submitted to Student Account Services (lower level of Templeton).
  • This can be in the form of cash, check, or online payment.
  • CASH /CHECK: be sure to include a note with your student ID # and the semester you will be participating in. Checks should be made to Lewis & Clark College.
  • ONLINE: If you are paying online, please be sure to specify the semester that you will be participating in when the forms asks you to select a semester add semester or summer.
  • Questions can be addressed to your Student Account Specialist (find out who they are ). 
  • If you are a Davis Scholar, your deposit is automatically waived.


3. Passport* Scan Image (in color) (Overseas Office)

  • Don’t have a passport yet? Passport going to expire before 6 months after your program ends? Go here for more information!
    • If you already have your passport, make sure the signature page is signed!
    • Color Scan your passport. Make sure the scan is legible. 
    • A high quality photo of your passport is acceptable, but be sure to keep your fingers out of the image!
    • Email the image to

*If you are a non-US passport holder: Please contact our office before the end of the semester to schedule an appointment regarding applying for a visa for your program. 


4. Power of Attorney Form (Student Account Services) - Optional

  • This form allows you to authorize someone other than yourself to endorse a check made payable to you and the college, such as financial aid funds or loan/scholarship checks.
  • This should be submitted to Student Account Services (lower level of Templeton).
  • If you have questions about the form, please direct your inquiries to Student Account Services.

Download the Power of Attorney form 

    • The form must be signed in the presence of a notary. Make sure the attorney in fact box is completed before the student notary box is signed.
    • In the first section, designate who can sign financial aid documents on your behalf, and sign in the presence of a notary. In the second section, have your designated person also sign in the presence of a notary.
    1. Contact the Overseas Programs Director, Blythe Knott, at to set up an appointment.
    2. Carolin Thompson from Student Support Services (right next door to us!) is a notary. Email her at
    3. Click here for a list of other notaries at the college. Please bring a driver’s license or other valid state ID with you (LC ID card is not accepted).
    4. Contact your local bank.
    5. Other places with notaries:

The UPS Store
9220 SW BARBUR BLVD, Ste 119, Portland, OR
(503) 452-7340

AAAA Proserve Process Serving
9220 Southwest Barbur Boulevard #119, Portland, OR
(503) 828-9080