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Gender Studies Symposium

36th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

Point of Access 
March 8-10, 2017


The 36th Annual Gender Studies Symposium will examine concepts of accessibility and dynamics of
resource distribution in relation to gender and sexuality.  Our title this year calls attention to questions of who or what serves as a “point of access,” how points of access are determined, and whose needs are met.  

We hope to explore how points of access prioritize some people over others.  How do variables of power like gender, sexuality, and ability affect access to communities, spaces, and institutions, such as bathrooms, social movements, landscapes, and even events like this symposium?  Additionally, what impact do these issues of power have on access to resources, including healthcare, housing, food, and financial support?  How are these ultimately questions of equity and justice?

Join with students, scholars, artists, and organizers as we make a point of addressing historical and contemporary issues of access.  

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Student Co-Chairs:

Grace Dudley ’17, Abbey Griscom ’17, Bryn Parry ’18, and Shade Samuelson ’17


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