Study Abroad

Peter Picture In St. Petersburg

Level I: Language study and area study

Level II: Intensive language study

Program design: In addition to intensive language study, the program introduces students to the history, culture and contemporary issues of Russia. Housing is with Russian families, when not traveling to other sites.

Host institution: St. Petersburg State University

Credits: Four courses per semester (16 semester credits)


Level I:  Russian 102 with a 2.75 GPA

Level II: Russian 202 with a 3.0 GPA

Russian 230, 290- highly recommended

Curriculum:Level I: Russian 201, 202

Level II: Russian 315, 316

Both: IS 240 (Russian Society and Culture), IS 241 (Russian Politics and History)

Level I: Fulfills the Lewis & Clark Foreign Language requirement and the two-course International Studies requirement.

Level II: Provides two Advanced Language Course Credits as well as filling the two-course International Studies requirement, enabling students to use Russian for a minor or in the World Languages major.

St. Petersburg general information: http://www.saint-

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