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Rhetoric and Media Studies

“While grounded in the classical liberal arts tradition of rhetoric and public address, the communication discipline also responds to contemporary concerns about the processes and effects of organizational and interpersonal communications, the explosion of information technology, and messages generated by the electronic media.”

Jean Ward, Professor Emerita of Communication

The study of human communication has never been more current and crucial. It’s central to the liberal arts, and is a critical component in a wide range of disciplines and careers. Students in Lewis & Clark’s Department of Rhetoric and Media Studies examine the complex communication systems and processes that power an interdependent world.

The Department offers both a major and a minor, and course offerings cover three primary subject areas: interpersonal communication, rhetoric and public advocacy, and media studies. Students explore a variety of perspectives on human symbolic behavior, including the history of rhetorical theory and criticism; persuasion in contemporary public discourse; the dynamic processes of interpersonal, and intercultural communication; and the cultural practice of communication via print and electronic media.

There are countless opportunities for rhetoric & media studies students to make themselves heard on campus. Public Advocacy, Lewis & Clark’s forensics association, is consistently ranked among the top teams in the country; and our student radio station, KLC, broadcasts 7 days a week. Students interested in media production have access to digital editing equipment, digital camcorders, and a multiple-camera color production and editing studio in Aubrey R. Watzek Library.



April 19th, 2015

  • Image preview 7:00pm - 9:00pm: Movie Premiere - Sara’s Columbine
    Student Activities is proud to present the premiere of SARA’S COLUMBINE a film by Justin Zimmerman.

    SARA’S COLUMBINE is a documentary that focuses on one woman’s experience with the horrific 1999 school shooting, and how this historic encounter changed her during three distinct periods of her life. After she survived the massacre, Sara was featured on a multitude of media outlets, culminating in a Montel Williams Show ‘special’ just two days after the event. This footage, along with personal interviews conducted in 2005 and 2014 and hundreds of scanned photos, makes up SARA’S COLUMBINE, a powerful and inspirational personal journey.

April 23rd, 2015

  • Image preview 7:30pm: Legacies of Genocide Film Series - AGHET: EIN VÖLKERMORD
    Spring Film Series:
    Legacies of Genocide

    In the 67 years since the ratification of the word “Genocide”, how has this word shaped our global conversation around these atrocities and events? Are we more apt to group all mass violence into one heading or does this word stand as a specific definition? How do we continue to discuss these genocides in our history as new genocides erupt on our political horizons?

    Our three films- Screamers, Watchers of the Sky and Aghet each address the question of language and legacy around genocide and human rights. How do we discuss the global impact of how we as people treat one another in times of crisis and cruelty? Has the creation of the word “genocide” done what its creator hoped? Or has the word itself created an erasure of mass atrocity in itself? Where are we as we look back on our past and to our future?

April 28th, 2015

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Rhetoric and Media Studies

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