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Visiting Artist Program

Sponsored by the Lewis & Clark College Art Department, all lectures are open to the college community and the public.

For information, contact the Art Department: 503-768-7390 or


Fall 2015

Julia Portela - September 17th
Eric Stotik - September 29th
Fallen Fruit Collective - October 20th
Chelsea Heffner - November 3rd

Chelsea Heffner is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and teacher residing in White Salmon, WA and Portland, OR. Early years were occupied with painting and printmaking, developing into a current practice tangled in the world of textiles, teaching, business and creative consulting. Regardless of the medium or objective, her work reflects a commitment to observation. Nature’s patterns of light & weather, cycles of death and rebirth share equal inspiration with fundamental questions about female identity, habits of dress and objects of personal representation. Heffner’s images, objects and products, often exalt, sometimes question, and frequently become seamlessly integrated as pieces of everyday life.


Ryan Pierce - December 1st


Fall 2015 
Julia Portela
Eric tStoik
Fallen Fruit Collective
Chelsea Heffner
Ryan Pierce

Spring 2015

Blake Stimson 
Josh MacPhee
Tiffany Calvert
Thomas Orr
Modou Dieng

Fall 2014
Dana Lynn Louis
Grant Hottle
Amanda Wojick
Vanessa Renwick
Lisa Radon


Fall 2013 
Stephen Hayes
Stephen Slappe
Julie Perini
Dylan Beck
Alicia Jo Rabins
Didier Williams
Lindsey White

Fall 2012 

Reynier Leyva Novo
Namita Gupta Wiggers
Anna Fidler
Naomi Hume
Museum of Commerce
Ariana Jacob
Eric Geschke
Evan La Londe
Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Becca Albee
Deborah Horrell

Fall 2011
Helen Lessick
Stewart Luckman
Hsui Wei
Nan Curtis
Susie J. Lee
Kristan Kennedy
David Eckard
James M. Harrison
Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen
Dan Attoe
Kris Cohen
Gerri Ondrizek

Fall 2010

Ken Allan
Julian Dolan
Tannaz Farsi
Jesse Locker

Stewart Luckman
Victor Maldonado
Whiting Tennis
John Urang

Fall 2009

Red76 Sam Gould
Hun-chung Lee

Matt McCormick

Ryan Pierce

Beth Sellars

Storm Tharp

Elise Wagner

Fall 2008

Holly Andres
Judy Cooke
Laurie Danial

Daniel Duford

Red76 Sam Gould

John Grade

Heidi Preuss Grew

Jenene Nagy

Lucinda Parker
Sue Taylor
Laura Vandenburgh

Fall 2007 

Chandra Bocci
MK Guth

Michelle Ross

Past Visiting Artist

Lisa Orr
Laura Valenti

Dana Lynn Louis 


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