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Alumni Achievements

LC Psychology majors go on to accomplish great things in a wide variety of areas.   The department will use this web page to highlight what some of your fellow LC psych majors have done.  Check back often—our alumni are always doing something interesting and important!  We will try to keep this page updated.  

By the way, if you are an alum and we have missed something about your achievements, please let us know; we will get your information posted as soon as possible.

Graduate Schools in Psychology

Jelena Obradovic (class of 2002) 
Jelena earned her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Minnesota and is currently an Assistant Professor of Education at Stanford University.

Julia Boehm (class of 2003)
Julia completed her Ph.D. at the University of California, Riverside, in Social and Personality Psychology.  She is currently a research fellow and lecturer at Harvard University.

Lisa Williams (class of 2004) 
Lisa is currently a faculty member in the School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Anisa Goforth (class of 2004) 
Anisa is completing her Ph.D. in School Psychology at Michigan State University.  

Elena Welsh (class of 2005)
Elena is pursuing her doctorate in Human Services Psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Abigail Hazlett (class of 2005)
Abigail is working on her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Northwestern University.  

Tom Armstrong (class of 2005) 
Tom is working toward a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Vanderbilt University. 

Miya Barnett (class of 2005) 
Miya is completing her Ph.D. at Central Michigan University

Brandon Nichter (class of 2009)
Brandon won a Fulbright Award (2009-2010) to conduct research in Santiago, Chile.

Theresa Hennings (class of 2010)
Theresa is completing her Ph.D. in Developmental Pscyhology at the University of Washington.

Graduate School in Other Fields

Nolan Nichols (class of 2004) 
Nolan was accepted into the bioinformatics program at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  

Kim Sackmann (class of 2004) 
Kim graduated magna cum laude with a degree in law from Northern Illinois University. 

Chelsea Heveran (Class of 2007)
Chelsea is working on her MS in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University

Pat MacDonald (class of 2009)
Pat is attending Law school at the University of Washington

Julie Robertson (class of 2009)
Julia is working toward her MPH and MSW degrees at Portland State University. 

Kiel Moses (class of 2011)
Kiel was accepted into the Cultural Foundations Education Ph.D. program at Syracuse University.

Work and Achievements in Other Areas

Melia Tichenor (class of 2007)
Melia is now a manager at Hands On Greater Portland (a non-profit organization).  

Jenny Bard (class of 2009)
Jenny was accepted into the Teach for America program, and is now teaching 7th graders with learning disabilities.

Michelle Fenesy (class of 2009)
Michelle is a research assistant at the ADHD research lab of the Department of Psychiatry at OHSU

Jessie Fox-Nystrom (class of 2009) 
Jessie is the youngest case manager and addiction counselor at Acadia NW.  

Sarah Alejandrino (class of 2010)
Sarah is working as a researcher in a laboratory at OHSU.

Jeanette Valleau (class 2010)
Jeanette is working as a research assistant at the OHSU Primate Research Center

Kelsey Chapple (class of 2010)
Kelsey is working as a Case Manager at the Anchorage Community Mental Health Center.Student Publications and Presentations

Iris Kemp (class of 2009) 
Iris was a co-author with Dr. Janet Davidson on an article on contemporary models of intelligence that will be published in The Cambridge Handbook of Intelligence.

Katie Schoeneman (class of 2000), Jelena Obradovic (class of 2002), and Liesl Beecher-Flad (class of 2005) 
These students co-authored a research article with Dr. Tom Schoeneman on images of the AIDS patient that appeared earlier this year in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Nik Gorman (class of 2004) 
Nick published a paper on banner blindness in online ads with Dr. Erik Nilsen and colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Oregon

Tom Armstrong (class of 2005), and Nicolia Eldred-Skemp (class of 2008) 
These students have published papers with Drs. Jerusha and Brian Detweiler-Bedell.

Hannah Louis (class of 2012)
Hannah has joined the Thai Teaching program and will be teaching English.


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