The Admissions Fellows at Lewis & Clark College are highly dedicated and involved students that serve a professional role within the admissions process. Their leadership responsibilities include interviewing prospective students, supervising student ambassadors, coordinating campus visits, and planning open houses and events. The Fellows are eager to share their L&C experiences with you!

Reach out to our Admissions Fellows via email: fellows@lclark.edu

Alexander Chapelle ’24 (he/him)  

Hometown: Brussels, Belgium

Majors: Environmental Studies & Political Science

Minor: Earth System Sciences

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: When I was looking at schools, my visit to campus was interrupted by the first wave of COVID infections. Because of the unfortunate circumstances, I made the most of the virtual visits and looked at the information provided to me by Lewis & Clark. Eventually, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a professor in the Political Science department, who made me feel as if LC would be the best place to pursue my academic interests. In fact, this year I am starting my senior thesis regarding policy implications of dam removal projects!

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite place on campus is the Associated Student Body office. As Student Body President, it is where I go to work closely with other student leaders, who share my passion for making positive changes on campus. This collaborative environment can provide a sense of camaraderie, which can be energizing and motivating. The student government office can be a hub for students to share their thoughts and ideas, providing a forum for student voices to be heard, and I always appreciate being able to meet new people and be able to bring their thoughts and opinions to other officers and school administrators.

Favorite spot in Portland: I can confidently say that Salt & Straw is my favourite place to go get a sweet treat off campus. Entering Salt & Straw is like stepping into an enchanting wonderland of ice cream. From classics like honey lavender and double-fold vanilla to daring adventures like roasted strawberry coconut and almond brittle with salted ganache, there is an option to tempt every palate.

Three random facts about Alexander:

  1. I have a decent collection of floral shirts.
  2. I helped plan for the Environmental Symposium for the fall semester of 2021.
  3. I am super involved in student government! I am the Student Body President and I help organize and manage our other ASB officers and senators.

Bóde Dalton 25 (he/him)

Hometown: Idaho Springs, CO

Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies

Minor: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation

Study Abroad: Granada, Spain (Fall 2023)

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: The small classroom sizes, the outdoors community, and the beauty of campus are only a few of the reasons why I chose Lewis and Clark. I was torn between a few schools when I was deciding where to go, but ultimately after touring campus and speaking with some of the students about Lewis and Clark, I knew that it would be the right fit for me!

Favorite spot on campus: I spend a lot of my time above the reflecting pool. It’s my favorite place to relax, play music and enjoy the view of Mt. Hood!

Favorite spot in Portland: I love spending time in Sellwood! It’s a cute little neighborhood close to campus with great thrifting, cafes and restaurants. Plus, when it’s warm out, the Sellwood riverfront is one my favorite places to be.

Three random facts about Bóde:

  1. I’m obsessed with being outside and lead trips for our College Outdoors program!
  2. I have original music on Spotify and Apple Music:)
  3. I play hacky sack with other students on campus almost every chance I get.


Mikayel Kamendatyan ’24 (he/him)

Hometown: Yerevan, Armenia

Majors: International Affairs & History

Study Abroad: United Kingdom, Queen Mary University of London

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: Because of its outstanding International Affairs and History faculties, the small class size, the high quality liberal arts education, the study abroad opportunities, and the friendly and welcoming environment (including the student body).

Favorite spot on campus: Watzek Library (silent section)

Favorite spot in Portland: Lewis & Clark College hands down

Three random facts about Mikayel:

  1. One of my hobbies is extremely loud car stereo systems that compete in special tournaments
  2. I love to grow a beard
  3. I am half Armenian and half Georgian


Jeremy Kregar ’24 (they/them)

Hometown: Westminster, CO

Majors: Sociology/Anthropology & Hispanic Studies

Minor: Health Studies 

Study Abroad: Granada, Spain. Spring 2023

Why I chose Lewis & Clark:  I chose Lewis & Clark because it really felt like home and seemed like a place where I could not only live and go to school, but as somewhere where I could thrive and bloom.

Favorite spot on campus: The lawn on the graduate campus because it is the perfect place to soak up the sun with friends!

Favorite spot in Portland: The Hawthorne Neighborhood because there are so many great food carts, restaurants, and shops to pass time on weekends.

Three random facts about Jeremy:

  1. I have been involved in KPH, Intramural Sports, New Student Orientation, and Admissions. 
  2. I have been on the roof of two of our academic buildings on campus. 
  3. I took part in the world record for most people popping bubble wrap at one time.

Kayla LaPlante ’24 (she/her)

Hometown: Bandon, OR

Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: I applied to Lewis & Clark because of how beautiful the campus looked in photos, but what really got me here was my tour. Walking around campus and seeing the community and getting to talk to other students, I really felt like I could see myself here, not only in my education but also just as a home.

Favorite spot on campus: Anywhere behind Frank Manor where you can see Mt. Hood! When the weather is good and there is a clear view all the way to the mountain, you know it’s going to be a good day!

Favorite spot in Portland: Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters in the beautiful Sellwood neighborhood. It is my favorite coffee shop to go study at when I get off campus (I don’t actually like coffee but their spicy chai is amazing). Sellwood in general is just an amazing Portland neighborhood, both to live in and just to explore or hang out!

Three random facts about Kayla:

  1. I’ve been playing music for about 13 years

  2. During my first summer home from college I worked at a plant nursery and I learned a lot of really cool (and random) things about plants!

  3. One of my favorite ways to enjoy campus is with my camera in hand and no destination in mind, especially in the fall.


Elena Sta. Maria ’24 (she/her)

Hometown: Edmonds, WA

Major(s): Sociology/Anthropology

Minor(s): Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: I chose LC because of the location and the small class sizes. I fell in love with the beautiful campus when I visited, it feels like we’re secluded in our own little forest with plenty of trails around to explore! But I also love the easy access we have to downtown Portland! It’s really the best of both worlds here at LC which makes it so you can find whatever it is you’re looking for! Also, I appreciate our small class sizes as they fit my learning style well and allow us to form close connections to our peers and professors!

Favorite spot on campus: Lawns behind the Manor House! You can find the best views of Mt. Hood there on a sunny day and it makes the perfect place to catch some rays!

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite spot in Portland is the Sellwood neighborhood! This is a very popular spot amongst LC students to both live in and to just explore on days off campus! There’s a ton of fun cafes to study in, nice restaurants to go out with friends to, and cute stores to peruse! Overall, it’s a lovely spot to go for a stroll through with some pals! (Not to mention the Pio now stops through there so you’ll have easy access!)

Three random facts about Elena:

  1. My favorite animal is the quokka
  2. I volunteer for my hometown’s local history museum over breaks
  3. I am the SAAB representative for ethnic studies!


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