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The Admissions Fellows at Lewis & Clark College are highly dedicated and involved students that serve a professional role within the admissions process. Their leadership responsibilities include interviewing prospective students, supervising student ambassadors, coordinating campus visits, and planning open houses and events. The Fellows are eager to share their L&C experiences with you!

Reach out to our Admissions Fellows via email:

Sabrina Murray Fellows PictureSabrina Murray ’21

Hometown: University Place, WA

Major: Sociology/ Anthropology 

Minor: English & Ethnic Studies

Why did you choose L&C? I chose L&C because I loved the liberal arts community, the location is perfect for me being 6 miles outside of Portland, and I love the Division 3 aspect.

Favorite spot on campus: The Glade, which is the big hill outside of the Pamplin Sports Center. This is my favorite spot because you can see everyone going to and from class and catch up with friends as they pass by. It is also a great spot to relax and enjoy the sun. 

Favorite spot in Portland:  My favorite spot off campus would have to be Sweet Heart Pizza which is a restaurant downtown by the river. This is my favorite spot because I can eat really good pizza and if I want to enjoy the water I can go sit on some benches and relax. There is also a great park next to the  restaurant where there are plenty of dogs to pet and you can enjoy some outside air. 

Three random facts about Sabrina:

  1. I love Crocs
  2. I am a die hard fan of the Fast & Furious Franchise
  3. I really enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread 

Justice '20Justice Jarrett ’20

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Major: Sociology/ Anthropology 

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: Lewis & Clark’s class size is what stood out to me when I visited the college during a fly-in program (Compass Scholars Weekend). Coming from a public school where my classes were generally crammed with 30-40 students, I was impressed to see/hear that L&C has a professor-student ratio of 1:12. I wanted to be known by a name, not a number, and L&C offered just that. I also found these class sizes essential for creating strong relationships with faculty and students. The one thing that sealed the deal for me was L&C’s prime location. While on campus you are surrounded by nothing but the wilderness however, within no time you can be in the city of Portland (great for stress-relief).  

Favorite spot on campus: The Fields Dining Room (A.K.A Bon) would have to be my favorite spot on campus. Not only do I like to eat but I like to socialize. Although the Bon is the source of my procrastination I feel it’s important to take some time away from studying and meet new people. Also, how could you go wrong with all-you-can-eat food?

Favorite spot in Portland: I do not have a favorite spot in Portland, rather an area. I enjoy spending time in Northeast Portland because it reminds me of home when I’m feeling a little home sick. From the food to the diverse groups of people, I feel as if I’m right back in California. 

Three random facts about Justice:

  1. I was born in Cleveland, TN. 

  2. I love eating Mac&Cheese with baked beans. 

  3. Scary movies are more like comedies to me.  

Nallely De La Cuesta Fellows PictureNallely De La Cuesta ’21

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Hispanic Studies

Minor: Religious Studies

Why I chose Lewis & Clark:  I chose Lewis & Clark because of the study abroad program. I knew that I wanted to travel and learn about different places in college and that was an important factor for my college decision. Having a worldwide perspective is important to us so we always encourage students to study abroad. Now, I will be studying in Santiago de Chile in Spring 2020.

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is the Gente Latina Unida (GLU) Office. GLU is the LatinX Student Union and I have been lucky to work with them, I spend a lot of time in their office. I enjoy getting work done in the silence with no distractions and I also receive help and encouragement from my fellow LatinX students. 

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite spot off-campus is the Water Front Downtown. I’ve gone there to have picnics with my friends and lay under the sun on spring days. It’s also a great place to see some dogs and meet Portland residents.

Three random facts about Nallely :

  1. I know how to knit and crochet

  2. My favorite pet growing up was a naked neck chicken

  3. My favorite flower is a yellow rose

Dan Marsan Fellow PictureDaniel Marsan ’20

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Why I chose Lewis & Clark:  I’m originally from the East Coast and moving across the country was a big appeal of Lewis and Clark. When I went away to college, I wanted to have the opportunity to explore a completely new environment and that has been something I’ve largely enjoyed while at LC. I knew I wanted to major in chemistry or biology and going to a small liberal arts college I thought would give me the best access to my professors in difficult classes like organic chemistry or molecular biology. 

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is either the estate gardens or the weight room. Both are places I feel that I can relax and let go of any built up stress I accumulated throughout the day. 

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite spot off campus is Short Sand Beach on the Oregon Coast. Not only is there a beautiful walk to the beach but once you get to the ocean you realize why it’s a classic Oregon surf spot. Absolutely wonderful. 

Three random facts about Dan:

 1. My barbell back squat PR is 375lbs. 

 2. My dream job is to practice medicine as a neurosurgeon. 

 3. I love cooking Mediterranean food!

Helena Loftus Fellows PictureHelena Loftus ’20

Hometown: Ashland, OR.

Major: Biology

Minor: French

Why I chose Lewis & Clark:  I was looking for a small liberal arts school, with a collaborative learning environment where I could form close relationships with my teachers and classmates. I liked Lewis & Clark specifically for the focus on study abroad, I felt like that was going to be an important part of my education and I appreciated that Lewis & Clark chose to make it a part of their curriculum. It also didn’t hurt that the campus is so beautiful!

Favorite spot on campus:  My favorite spot on campus is the lawn in front of Albany. I think it’s a really pretty building, there’s a nice garden, and even though it’s centrally located it’s usually relatively quiet, so it makes a good spot to call my mom in peace.

Three random facts about Helena:

  1. I lived in Japan for 3 years when I was little
  2. I’ve never broken a bone
  3. I will only eat Annie’s box mac and cheese, no Kraft.

Ary H. Fellows PictureAry Hashim ’20

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Major: Economics

Why did you choose L&C? I chose Lewis & Clark College because I believed in its core values to promote environmental sustainability, to nurture social justice initiatives, and to cultivate inquisitive and courageous global citizens. After two exhilarating years, I have a family of peers and place to call home! 

Favorite spot on  campus:  I enjoy lazing on the fields of South Campus! It’s usually extremely calm, and on a warm and sunny day, I can’t imagine a better place to chill and talk to friends! 

Three random facts about Ary:

1I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2. I love durian (you know, the weird, blue cheese smelling fruit)

3.Lowkey a gin rummy assassin. If you’re down to play, game on!

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