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The Admissions Fellows at Lewis & Clark College are highly dedicated and involved students that serve a professional role within the admissions process. Their leadership responsibilities include interviewing prospective students, supervising student ambassadors, coordinating campus visits, and planning open houses and events. The Fellows are eager to share their L&C experiences with you!



Arthur Borden-Heilman

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Major: Economics

Why did you choose L&C? I was overjoyed to be accepted at Lewis & Clark because of its campus, its comprehensive economics program, and its personal attention to its students. Portland has a plethora of music venues, galleries, and restaurants to go to after classes.

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is the bench underneath the flag pole on the lower lawn. It has a perfect shade-to-sun ratio and it is quiet and close to the pool excitement. It is also right in between academic and residential campus making it a convenient location for a lovely afternoon.

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite place in Portland is the path alongside the Willamette river on the east bank of NW Portland. There are often cool street musicians and live artists showcasing their skills.

Three random facts about Arthur:

  1. I broke my foot dancing too hard at a school dance. Best part? My fracture is medically called a “dancing fracture”!
  2. I can do a back-flip off a swing.
  3. I wear a size 14 shoe.

Katie-Lauren Dunbar

Hometown: Santa Rosa, California

Major: Biology

Minor: Environmental Studies

Why did you choose L&C? I chose LC for the small community feel that I experienced when I toured the campus. I fell in love with the beauty that surrounds the LC campus. I was also searching for a small school with discussion based classrooms. Another plus about LC was the positive atmosphere on the Lewis and Clark swim team which I am a part of!  

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite place on campus during the rain are the couches inside of Pamplin! I find that I can get a lot of work done on those very comfortable couches, and they are in close proximity to the academic buildings and library. My favorite place on campus when there are clear skies has to be the reflecting pool. It has hands down the best view on campus when the manor house is reflected in the water. It is a good place to relax and get some reading done.

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite place in Portland is Salt & Straw. I absolutely love ice cream! 

Three random facts about Katie-Lauren:

  1. My parents couldn’t decide on one name, so they gave me two.
  2. I broke my foot jumping into a pool my freshman year at LC.
  3. I can’t stand the smell of bananas.


Michael Glah

Hometown: Aspen, Colorado

Major: Psychology, Art Studio minor

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis & Clark because of the feeling of community I got when I visited and the fact that every professor is in love with the subject they’re teaching and it shows in their classes, which makes going to class worthwhile and gets me excited to learn.

Favorite spot on campus: I love the gazebo between Miller, Fields and Olin. It looks down into the tree filled ravine and is a great place to study outside where it’s quiet.

Favorite spot in Portland: Japanese Tea Gardens! If you haven’t seen them, they’re incredibly peaceful and worth seeing.

Three random facts about Michael:
  1. I have traveled to over 40 countries and 5 continents.
  2. During the summer I am a YMCA Camp counselor in the San Juan Islands, Washington.
  3. I attended a boarding school on the East Coast


Kalin Rooney

Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Major: Economics

Why did you choose L&C? I am in love with the Pacific Northwest and Lewis & Clark exemplifies all the things I cherish the most. The beautiful campus, the proximity to interesting cities, and the variety of people make it my second home. In addition, L&C fits my academic and athletic desires. With an extensive economic program and the opportunity to play softball at the collegiate level, my choice to study at L&C was an easy one.

Favorite spot on campus:  As a student, my favorite spot on campus is the forest bridge that connects the academic and residential side of campus. It is the most relaxing and scenic spot and I like to walk there during my study breaks! As an athlete, the Pamplin couches are my favorite because they are great for napping between class and practice.

Favorite spot in Portland: Having lived in Portland my whole life, I have many favorite spots. Currently, I think Washington Park is my favorite. The park has hiking trails, the rose garden, the Japanese Garden, and is close to cool shops and my favorite coffee spot, Tea Chai Te!

Three random facts about Kalin:

1. I turned 21 in Munich, Germany at Oktoberfest.

2. I teach myself how to play the ukulele in my spare time.

3. I am a barista at Starbucks - come visit me!


Alvaro Torres

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Hispanic Studies

Why did you choose L&C? If I could describe myself in two traits I would say outgoing and adventurous. The Pacific Northwest was a place where I could be exposed to a different perspective from the southern lifestyle I have grown to love. I also noticed the welcoming touch that Lewis & Clark has. Whether it is in the classroom with your professor or your roommate from across the country, the goal is a fruitful education and help is at every corner. 

Favorite spot on campus:  I appreciate the feeling of a diverse community in my learning environment. Therefore, I have found the most comfort in the latino union on campus: Gente Latina Unida (GLU). In the weekly GLU meetings, I am able to express my roots and help my peers understand them too.

Favorite spot in Portland: Coming from a big city such as Houston, I was surprised that you could be on a bike here without worrying about a lack of designated bike lanes. I would say that I appreciate all of Portland as I pedal and see it behind my handle bar. 

Three random facts about Alvaro:

1. One of my brothers looks pretty similar to me so everyone assumes I am a twin.

2. I was able to attend a Rolling Stones concert for free.

3. I love Batman. It’s no coincidence that I have a Batman t-shirt on in my bio picture.


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