The Admissions Fellows at Lewis & Clark College are highly dedicated and involved students that serve a professional role within the admissions process. Their leadership responsibilities include interviewing prospective students, supervising student ambassadors, coordinating campus visits, and planning open houses and events. The Fellows are eager to share their L&C experiences with you!

Reach out to our Admissions Fellows via email: fellows@lclark.edu

Roland Berg Roland Berg ’22  (he/him)

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Major: Biology and English

Why did you choose L&C? Lewis & Clark checked a lot of my boxes during the college search process: a liberal arts curriculum, close proximity to a city, rigorous but not cutthroat academics, etc. What really sold me though were my interactions with current students during my campus visits. Everyone I met was friendly, genuine, and down-to-earth, and I could really envision myself developing close relationships with people in the community.

Favorite spot on campus: The lawn behind the Corbett House on Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School campus! I love hanging out there with friends on a sunny day.

Favorite spot in Portland:  Crystal Ballroom for sure! It’s a concert venue in the middle of downtown Portland, and I have so many great memories there from all the different artists I’ve seen!

Three random facts about Roland:

  1. During the summers I train on and coach the flying trapeze!
  2. When I was in middle school I met Fred Armisen at the premier of an episode of Portlandia.
  3. I once wrote a paper on the TV show “Long Island Medium” for one of my first year Core Classes.


Abri Boyd Abri Boyd ’23 (she/her)

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Major: Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: As a prospective student I knew I wanted to be at a small liberal arts school, but didn’t want to be limited in academic options. I also wanted and valued a sense of community in college. After touring Lewis & Clark my junior year of high school, I knew that I wanted to call this school my home. Lewis & Clark embodies a well rounded and student centered college experience.

Favorite spot on campus: I love the grape arbor on campus. It is a stunning place to eat, hang with friends, hammock, and do homework. A bonus is that in the fall semester you can eat the grapes right off the vine! Similarly “South Campus” (the graduate school campus) is a great place to pick berries and watch the sunset with your friends.

Favorite spot in Portland: The Sellwood neighborhood is my go to! Many upperclassmen live there and it is about a 10 minute drive from campus. I always run into Lewis & Clark friends while grabbing a coffee or thrifting.

Three random facts about Abri:

  1. I was in a professional children’s choir and toured with the ensemble to Italy, Australia, and Japan.

  2. I designed and helped paint the green house mural on campus by the Forest residence halls.

  3. Campus always has a lot of dogs and I try to say hi to as many of them as I can.


Sarah Lind-MacMillan

Sarah Lind-MacMillan ’22 (she/her)

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major: International Affairs 

Minor: Religious Studies

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis and Clark because I wanted a small school that was still part of a larger city. After touring many schools, I realized a smaller campus community would allow me to feel more connected and be more involved in clubs, activities, and have strong relationships with professors and staff. My experience at Lewis & Clark has allowed me to engage in rigorous academics with incredible professors and also be a part of multiple clubs, have leadership positions, do sports, and make amazing friends.

Favorite spot on campus: I love sitting on the benches behind the Frank Manor House overlooking the estate gardens and Mount Hood on a clear day. It is so beautiful and a great spot for a quiet moment or hanging out with friends.

Favorite spot in Portland: I love Nama Ramen in Sellwood - it is so good! I also love Sharetea on Burnside for great boba. 

Three random facts about Sarah:

  1. I wrote my International Affair thesis during my junior year and it was awarded honors!

  2. I have a little black cat named Remy and he is super cute.

  3. When I was on the women’s crew team my first year the novice 4 boat I was in won a race at the Northwest Conference and I also rowed in the varsity boat as well that year.

Maximilian Reeser ’22 (he/him)

Hometown: Rico, CO

Major: Psychology

Minor: Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: While touring colleges in the Northwest, I was looking for a place where I felt like I belonged, and Lewis & Clark did exactly that, welcoming me with open arms. The beautiful campus, supporting community, and engaging curriculum culminate into everything I’d want in a place as my home away from home. The closeness to a thriving metropolitan area is also a great perk!

Favorite spot on campus: The Graduate Campus of L&C. The open field makes for great stargazing, and there is always plenty of room for relaxing in the sun or having study picnics with friends. It’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the undergraduate campus.

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite spot off-campus are the docs down by the Sellwood Bridge. I row with my team down there regularly, but it’s a great place to watch boats go by and animal watch. If you get lucky, you can see things like sea lions, eagles, herons, otters, and more!

Three random facts about Max:

  1. I was born in Germany.

  2. I can Tibetan throat sing/beatbox.

  3. I can play a lot of instruments.


Haley Rovner ’23 (she/her) Haley Rovner

Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: Ever since meeting with the admissions staff and visiting campus during my own college search, I knew Lewis & Clark felt like home. I love the community of this campus and the friendly atmosphere among students. What really set L&C apart for me, however, were the strong STEM academics. I love that I can study in a rigorous Computer Science program while receiving the benefits of a Liberal Arts education and small class sizes which makes it much easier to work through material one-on-one with professors. I also think it’s an easy place to find a balance between your academic life and work/extracurricular life.

Favorite spot on campus: There is a little outdoor amphitheater outside of the Fir Acres Theater, that I only found recently, and is my go-to lunch spot this summer. There are some gorgeous flowers and cool stone bleacher steps and I wish it was used more as an event space!

Favorite spot in Portland: I really love going into Tryon and on the old railroad tracks up near the zoo! There are some gorgeous spots really close to campus and I love to bring a picnic, a hammock, and a book on the weekends.

Three random facts about Haley:

 1. I traveled with a professional circus throughout high school and got to perform for the Dalai Lama.

 2. I love to bake and will make anybody a birthday cake.

 3. I work in the Digitial Initiatives office on campus as a programming assistant.


Nicole Vannewkirk Nicole Vannewkirk ’22 (they/them)

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA

Major: Art History  Minor: Religious Studies

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: I choose Lewis & Clark because of the connection I had with professors and staff as soon as I stepped onto campus. The professors were so excited to meet me and were willing to talk with me and answer any questions I had. My admissions counselor was so excited for my to commit to L&C and I felt so welcome on campus.

Favorite spot on campus: I love the study rooms in the library! They look out into the forest on academic campus and are so quiet and secluded from the rest of the library. They’re great for group studying or sprawling all of my assignments and notes out on a table. Students can also reserve study rooms in advance, and it’s wonderful to have a reserved spot in the library especially when it’s more crowded during midterms and finals.

Favorite spot in Portland: My favorite spot off campus is Fat Albert’s Cafe in Sellwood! I firmly believe that it is the best breakfast in Portland, but that is a controversial opinion! It has awesome french toast and pancakes, and they give MASSIVE portion sizes. I like to study here sometimes over their bottomless coffee and a short stack of Marionberry pancakes.

Three random facts about Nicole:

  1. I’ve been to 48 states! (the only ones left are Hawaii and Alaska).
  2. I love road trips, I drove from Portland to Delaware last winter break and it is one of the best experiences I’ve had so far.
  3. I studied abroad in Greece in the first semester of my sophomore year and got to stand inside of the Parthenon!!


Hanna Wright ’23 (she/her)
Hanna Wright

Hometown: Montrose, CA

Major: Psychology

Minor: Neuroscience

Why I chose Lewis & Clark: A campus within the trees and a small community with an endless amount of support was exactly what I desired in a college, and that’s just what I found at LC. From the moment I stepped onto campus I felt a connection with the people and enjoyed the general vibe of the campus community. I really appreciate the ability to connect with my professors and the collaboration that small class sizes provide. Plus, Portland is pretty awesome.

Favorite spot on campus: Quite a tie between the curved benches tucked away next to the Dovecote or the Graduate Campus (“scampus” or “South Campus”) lawn under the cherry blossom tree. Both spots bring me peace and are wonderful on sunny days.

Favorite spot in Portland: I’m indecisive, but the sunsets at Council Crest Park are absolutely insane. I also enjoy evening walks at Sellwood Riverfront Park when the little beach is out. It has a great view of the city lights and I love skipping rocks on the shoreline.

Three random facts about Hanna:

  1. I am super into film and astrophotography

  2. My first concert was when I was 9 years old: Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)’s “The Wall”

  3. I played softball in the Netherlands my junior year of high school

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